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  1. "Stay" option could be great for every pet.
  2. Whatever you do with your base, remember: symmetry - is a devil and boring, too many squares - bad taste.
  3. Hi! I guess you know already what is this topic about. How can you repair stone with sewing kit? Usually developers used to be creative in such things, but why did they left it as it is? Can it be thermal stone in mitten\cloth at least? I won't say that Don't starve is the most logical game I know... Not even close... But still it's the most mysterious and not obvious thing in the game. Even butter from butterfly has more chance to exist . I don't get it...
  4. Should he? I don't know, but, as I see, people, who still ask for changes to Woody, just don't get the point of this character and how to use it? All that they know "He is not like in singe player version (DS) " Woodie - is my favorite character in DST. He is not imbalanced and not too hard. All his mechanics are concentrated on wood farming, that saves a lot of time! Werebeaver - is not a curse. It's a tool. Similar to axe. Werebeaver shouldn't be Terminator\Rambo\Jackie Chan in one person, as it was in single player. When werebeaver chops trees, he restores wood hunger. Also you'll get +5 of sanity for each planted pine cone. So what is the problem? Scheme is: Start chopping -> turn to werebeaver -> resume chopping (no eating logs) -> you will be turned back to human -> pick all logs and pine cones -> plant cones = full sanity, 3-4 stacks of logs. That is the point of lumberjack. No changes are needed. Woodie - wonderful and perfect character in DST!
  5. In my opinion Woodie - is a worst character in DST. He's lumberjack, and everything he can do - easily farm 4 stacks of logs in a minute. This is stupid. I think he should get an ability to shoot with lasers from his eyes...
  6. Hi there, As you guessed, I will suggest to change crock pot placement logic. I'm sure, lots of us here are know, that you can build 2\4\5\6 crock pots, close to each other, and put iceboxes in the middle of them. But you can't do the same if you build iceboxes first. You'll get awful and massive kitchen in this case. I'm not sure if it's a bug or defect or smth, but I know it's shouldn't be like this!
  7. Hi there! As today we got some bug fixes for singleplayer, I decided to try again to report on one of most annoying bugs in game. I noticed that sealnado bug is still exists. And probably, it happens more often than it seems. This is duplicate of report I did long time ago. But today I watched stream and had seen sealnado bug again. Problem: Sometimes, after sealnado sucked you in, your character completely disappears. You have to reconnect or wait while something will interact with your character: lightning\critters\death. Will include that video from translation. Thank you for attention .
  8. Well, s\he said: And these were my thoughts on the topic. I mean, I don't want that players could tweak bosses HP - too cheaty , but there's could be an option for solo game, where optional bosses has more adequate HP... Of course devs will say: "but you already have Don't Starve single player version! Buy RoG and have fun!". Yes, I bought it already, but there's so no new reign bosses and crafts. .
  9. I kinda agree with author of the topic. DS Together has so many differences from single player now: skins, crafts, bosses, mobs, etc. I understand that Klei wants to keep interest of players in Don't starve, and force us to play multiplayer version with friends. But DST is so much better now! I can't even play usual Don't Starve after DST, where is a lot of annoying mechanics and bugs. Most annoying thing: you can't do actions, while there's item on your mouse; you can't build under buzzard's shadow and etc. There's only one thing left in Single Player: ShipWrecked DLC. We really need DST single mode option!!! P.S: You cane tune mobs\bosses HP, by editing file tuning.lua, if you want. Just find there BEEQUEEN_HEALTH = 22500, for example... But It's similar to cheating while developers won't decide how many HP should have bosses for single run.
  10. screen shot show case

    It's a kind of magic...
  11. I love to build compact, practical but still cozy bases, requiring not more then 2 flingos (Solo):
  12. Same problem here. Can't even put signs (no mods)
  13. Hi! Not sure if developers still pay attention to single player... Anyway, there's strange bug with sealnado. Here is how it happened (I played yesterday): He sucked me in. Then monkey killed sealnado. And my character was alive but totally disappeared! I spent with empty screen for 1 minute, I think, until I wasn't hit by lightning. After that my character appeared again. On this video you can see almost the same bug I've got (timecode: 17:50):
  14. Please fix animation for hairy bunny. I noticed this strange animation long time ago, but I thought It's too obvious. He's moving like laggy bunny. It's still looking a little bit weird.
  15. I'm not sure if It's a bug, but I found usual orange Chester in caves. Server: public german server Bohramt Mods: no mods I asked about my find other players, and about 5 people said that they met forest Chester in caves too. Thanks for attention,