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  1. Will be brief: There's something weird happening with food in insulated pack while staying in spore cloud: sometimes it spoils and sometimes not. I will attach two screenshots. Time space between them about 30 secs: 1) I tried to stay in spore cloud and fish in my backpack didn't spoil. But it turned to rot in my main inventory. 2) I threw backpack to the ground and picked it up; switched fish slots forward and backward and now fish spoiled synchronously in inventory and in backpack. Btw I have no idea which of two ways is a bug and which is not .
  2. Is it a bug? I used to think it's nerfing as it was okay before and changed later (I think). But now I'm not sure .
  3. Hi there! As you may probably know, there's lots of bugs and glitches in DST. There's thousands of bug founded ways to kill any boss. I know that lots of players here will protest against fixing all these stuff, but still: Please fix bug when you can jump out from map by building wardrobe\planting meat bulb in the corner of map Ice Flingomatic shouldn't be able to freeze bosses. Klaus and Stalker should be able to attack\destroy lureplants\fossils on their way. Werepigs should attack marble statues\walls\structures on their way. Or add another mob to moonlight platform event, who can do that. Dragonfly's lavaes probably shouldn't stuck in walls. Ancient Guardian shouldn't have an ability to stuck in the big columns on his spawn point. Wickerbottom's tentacles could try to destroy structures (especially walls) to find a place for a spawn. Probably to improve logic of koalefant to smth closer to cave monkey logic. It's so hard to make monkeys stuck in the corner of map, but koalefant...
  4. I wonder was The Forge successful as developers expected? Did they got some money for those skins? Is it helped to bring new players to game? Was online high enough? If so, maybe paid DLC similar to The Forge? With new mobs, items, arenas? We're ready to forget about SW: Together... for a some time at least , as The Forge was extremely fun, challenging, balanced and new mode, that no one expected to see. Thank you!
  5. The Forge was sooo amazing! So many matches been played! I'm missing it already .
  6. Hello, Probably I should create topic for each bug, but I decided to organize them here. Been playing DS for two days (yesterday, today) and that's what I've found: - Sometimes I'm getting crash when sailing through the fog (I mean end of the map). - Ballphins from built palaces are swimming into my island. I mean they're like stuck (during the day), but it's easy to push them and ballphin will continue his way right on the ground of island. If you'll keep pushing him from ground to the sea and otherway, ballphin will disappear behind the map fog in the end. - Doy-doys, opposite to ballphins, are trying to get to the sea. There's no food on the water, but they are still just going to the sea. Maybe they're trying to get to their spawn point.. have no idea. - Crocodogs can be freezed if you will run away from them (far away I mean) and then return. They won't attack you, while you don't attack them. - Old bug with character's items. I think it concerns to the whole game: You will get another crock pot if you will go to the volcano, for example. Same with Wes's balls. - If swordfish will chase dogfish, for example, they will disappear "somewhere", and swordfish will never return to spawn point and no another swordfish will be spawned on the same spawn, as old one still alive somewhere. - When you kill someone in a sea, sharks can be spawned. But sharks can be spawned everywhere, including islands. Thanks for attention. )
  7. Hi there! As today we got some bug fixes for singleplayer, I decided to try again to report on one of most annoying bugs in game. I noticed that sealnado bug is still exists. And probably, it happens more often than it seems. This is duplicate of report I did long time ago. But today I watched stream and had seen sealnado bug again. Problem: Sometimes, after sealnado sucked you in, your character completely disappears. You have to reconnect or wait while something will interact with your character: lightning\critters\death. Will include that video from translation. Thank you for attention .
  8. Same problem here. Can't even put signs (no mods)
  9. Hi! Not sure if developers still pay attention to single player... Anyway, there's strange bug with sealnado. Here is how it happened (I played yesterday): He sucked me in. Then monkey killed sealnado. And my character was alive but totally disappeared! I spent with empty screen for 1 minute, I think, until I wasn't hit by lightning. After that my character appeared again. On this video you can see almost the same bug I've got (timecode: 17:50):
  10. Please fix animation for hairy bunny. I noticed this strange animation long time ago, but I thought It's too obvious. He's moving like laggy bunny. It's still looking a little bit weird.
  11. Hi everyone, Can anyone tell me exact maximum size allowed for Don't Starve Together mod (I mean workshop, of course)? Yeah, I saw another topic about that on this website, but there's no exact answer and topic was about Don't Starve mods. I can tell that 200MB is too large, but what is the exact limit? Thank you for attention!
  12. I'm not sure if It's a bug, but I found usual orange Chester in caves. Server: public german server Bohramt Mods: no mods I asked about my find other players, and about 5 people said that they met forest Chester in caves too. Thanks for attention,
  13. Hi! I'm accidentally died in ruins and noticed, that I can't resurrect with my meat effigies. Game: Don't Starve Together Hosted: by me (non-dedicated server) Mods: none Regards,