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Bishop sculpture missing

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I know that the new update from now on guarantees a 3 suspicious sculptures set, which is great, but what about the world that existed before the patch? I have tried getting the chess pieces from tumbleweeds but only got pieces that existed in my world; knight and rook. I've got every variant of those two, black and white (even a green gem!), yet no bishop. Not once. My base is littered with these chess pieces and I believe we should have another way of acquiring them. Maybe a 10% drop chance after giving another piece to the pig king? I can't just leave and make a new world, because I've been playing it for almost 800 days and I've done so much. 

Steps to Reproduce

Farming tumbleweeds for a bishop chess pieces doesn't work. It only gives me knights and rooks. 

User Feedback

Sorry to hear that you ended up with a world that is missing the bishop suspicious sculpture. 

Unfortunately we do not have a way to bypass the suspicious sculpture quest line. I'd suggest using the console to bypass the error in your world gen. There are 2 ways we can do it using the debug console (press ` to open it), depending on what level "cheats" you are okay with

Long way: Unlock the bishop trinket in tumbleweeds:
TheWorld:PushEvent("ms_unlockchesspiece", "bishop")

Fast way (since it sounds like you've already spent some time farming for it):

If you are running with caves enabled, make sure to says "Remote" beside the console's text box (copy/pasting will result in it toggling). Press Ctrl to toggle it if needed.

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I may have just realized I posted on the wrong platform, so no console for me, unless it's possible to add them to consoles. Still, I think it is possible to fix the drop rates of the chess pieces, right? How likely it is to get so many pieces yet none of them are the bishops? 

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