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  1. I've noticed that whenever I enter the game, the daily gift interface tends to glitch out in visual and audio terms. This time when I loaded just the black gift background was visible, while gift itself was not. Sometimes even the audio bugs and sounds like it's repeating itself and the like.
  2. I have an issue regarding the sculptures and my "main" world. I made it before the guaranteed 3 sculptures patch and its missing a bishop. I tried tumbleweeds but it didn't drop, though the rooks and knights did in both variants. Is there anything that can be done? Maybe other ways of obtaining chess pieces?
  3. I may have just realized I posted on the wrong platform, so no console for me, unless it's possible to add them to consoles. Still, I think it is possible to fix the drop rates of the chess pieces, right? How likely it is to get so many pieces yet none of them are the bishops?
  4. I know that the new update from now on guarantees a 3 suspicious sculptures set, which is great, but what about the world that existed before the patch? I have tried getting the chess pieces from tumbleweeds but only got pieces that existed in my world; knight and rook. I've got every variant of those two, black and white (even a green gem!), yet no bishop. Not once. My base is littered with these chess pieces and I believe we should have another way of acquiring them. Maybe a 10% drop chance after giving another piece to the pig king? I can't just leave and make a new world, because I've been playing it for almost 800 days and I've done so much.