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Auto targeting of slingshot is wonky.

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First noticed on Glermz stream, he was annoyed that the slingshot does not continue to hit the same target if other targets are closer. The sling shot will switch target to whatever is closest with each new attack. I think it would be better if the slingshot attacked like the elemental staves and darts. If you hold in attack key with darts/staves, you will not switch target at any point.

Slingshot targeting is especially bothersome because if a bird lands, ctrl + attack key will target the bird over the enemy if the bird is closer.

Steps to Reproduce

You can spawn in two target dummys with c_spawn'dummytarget'. Using slingshot, click on further dummy to begin attacking, then hold in F key to attack. The slingshot will switch to the closest target immediately, rather than the target you clicked on. Darts and staves don't do that.

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User Feedback

I affirm, it really becomes uncomfortable while many enemies are near you

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