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Attacking with F is sometimes delayed or cancelled

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I get this to occur the most with tentacles. As I try to hit once and dodge, my character will either:
1. Idle or face the target but not approach to attack
2. Move to the target but not swing the weapon (you still hear the swing sound)
3. Do a successful hit

1 and 2 results in me getting hit by the tentacle when I do not expect it to (because hitting them stuns them long enough to kite them)

Steps to Reproduce

I'm not sure what's causing this to happen. I tried doing this outside of the swamp where there are no other enemies to target and this will still occur randomly.
Holding F or pressing it once does not make a difference in how consistent the bug happens, nor does pressing ctrl.

  • No client or server mods used
  • Lag compensation off
  • I was the server host in the video above, with caves enabled

User Feedback

It happened to me too, and literally just now! With a tentacle as well. It feels like when an enemy successfully hits you, it not only stuns you, but also resets pressing F. You have to press it again for the attack to resume - and it doesn't even always happen. Sometimes it didn't fix it until using ctrl+f, and only then does it finally register, even with a clearly hostile mob. But these repeated clicks mess up any kiting, especially with a fast attacking mob, where you can attack it only once before you need to run away. Right after the tentacle, I went to beat the tall birds, and I practically had to tank them both. And I know it's not the delay issue, because it was my server, and this has never happened before today.

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I've been experiencing this too, but not as bad as what's being shown (it's more rare for me, but it could be something I'm doing).

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