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Abigail stays idle during the fight

Pig Princess
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Sometimes in soothed state Abigail floats still right next to Wendy and her target, Wendy continues to attack, while Abigail remains idle until she is forced to move. After that Abigail might start to behave normally but that is not guaranteed. I can't tell for sure, but it seems like bug occurs when Abigail switches target and/or behaviour from moving to attacking (if she is already attacking, she doesn't stop to do that). Apparently this bug was in the game for a while, here is a link to Don Giani Wendy's Journey playthrough, recorded shortly after rework (15.43 is the time when bug occurs):

I encouneterd this bug mostly during Crab King fight (where there is a lot of target switching) and in Celestial Champion fight (long fight with Abigail soothed at 1st and 2nd stage (with vigor mortis applied, kiting CC), where there is a lot of switching between attacking and movement, 2nd stage in particular is the most buggy).

Steps to Reproduce

1. Start a fight with Abigail in soothed state.

2. Continue to swich targets and movement/attack behaviour until bug occurs? I'm not sure what causes it.

3. Walk away from your position to force Abigail to move. That might help to get rid of bug, but doesn't always help.

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