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Abigail is Invisible

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When i summon Abigail she's invisible. I use the console command "c_gonext("Abigail") and i do teleport next to her, but she stills invisible.


*This notebook has a Windows 7 Home Basic version

invi ab.png

invi ab2.png


**Edit: Installing some windows updates, wait a moment.

***Well, there was windows updates missing, that was the problem. Sorry! But it can be used as an advise.

Steps to Reproduce
I disabled every mod, generated a world, when i summon her with Wendy's starter flower she do the animation, but when it ends, Abigail spawns but doesn't show up.

User Feedback

Changed Status to Closed

I'm not confidant that the Windows update resolved the issue. But since its working i've closed it off. If Abigail goes invisible again then please submit a new bug report.

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19 hours ago, PeterA said:

sounds like it's all good now?


Yeah, it's all okay after the windows updates, thanks for the attention!

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