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Abigail does less damage if there are more enemies around

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According to this: Abigail's damage is affected by the number of enemies she is fighting, allowing her to be effective against a single enemy but at her best when fighting a crowd.  i assumed she is supposed to do more damage when there are enemies around, however it appears like abi is doing 20 dmg per attack to 1 enemy, but only 12 dmg per attack when there are more than 1 enemies around (it takes 5 abi's hits to kill single spider, but 9 abi's hits to kill two spiders)

Steps to Reproduce
make abigail attack enemies

User Feedback

Ah yes, it can be put this way too, at the same time i just thought its not really 'at her best when fighting a crowd' if it is less dmg than when fighting a single enemy :D

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