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A report of a all skin cheating player

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Dear Klei,I wanna report a cheating player of don't starve together.the player's name is 07x23.His steam ID is https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198413226387.His server(07x23的世界)is all skins.Players who enter his server can use all skins for free,which is unfair to other players who paid money and time on this game.So I hope Klei can punish 07x23 and give everyone justice.We need a fair result.IMG_20201122_142541.jpg.a8d4bf79b5757ca671be7f662c464f8c.jpgmmexport1606025301489.thumb.jpg.8bf4595da896c22442caff1b70eadcea.jpgmmexport1606025311331.thumb.jpg.e6a45564333a6dfe64d64639ce51783e.jpg

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I'm playing 

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1 hour ago, PeterA said:


we need Justice and severe penalties for this kind of behavior and those who do this kind of thing

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