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MacTusk Uses Blowdart! It Fails!

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I think when something was done with Walter's code it broke MacTusk and their attacks. Right now you can run into your triple Mac biome and aggro all of them. They will play the animation of their attack but not do any damage to you. Their hounds still bite, but their darts don't land. Please look into it, thanks!

Steps to Reproduce

1. Be Winter

2. Go Try and Get Tam/Tusk

3. Mac goes pew pew pew

4. Attacks don't land and don't break frozen (from hounds) and deal no damage


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User Feedback

Ol' MacTusk has just been partying it up a little bit too much in the Walrus camp lately. Maybe he's regretting investing his life savings into blowdarts after seeing the slingshot.

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