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Scones not giving favours

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In the recipe book it states that offering up a non silver plate of scones for the dessert or bread craving gives a favour, however when ever I try offering up the scones on a bread round it gives me no favours which is strange as it satisfies the bread craving, it works fine when offered on the dessert round and gives the stated favours.

Steps to Reproduce
Offer scones on no silver plate when the gnaw is craving bread

User Feedback

Even if a meal is accepted as multiple cravings, that doesn't necessarily mean that you'll get the same reward for each of those cravings.

That actually makes dishes with multiple categories really difficult to work with without extensive testing.

If you're trying to get the no-silver-lining achievement, just the last 4 desserts in the recipe book give favors without silver during dessert cravings only.

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