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  1. The Shamlet mask is entirely invisible when placed on the ground, it has no icon and no name appears when it is hovered over
  2. Some of my various darwings

    Being forced into roles is the worse, I'm fine with most roles but healer, healer should definitely be played by someone who's confident with it
  3. Some of my various darwings

    Playing multiple roles often leads to me forgetting which role I'm actually playing. Extra: Ignore the fact i forgot to crop out the table
  4. Some of my various darwings

    I wasn't planning on making webber mute but that might be an interest idea to play around with also the overalls webber is meant to be wearing is this I thought it would fit him quite well considering his background and colour scheme
  5. Some of my various darwings

    Some doodles for a Don't starve au im working on where webber gets separated back into a human and spider, not done working everything out yet tho
  6. After buying anything from a shop the shop keeper will leave their desk/counter to replace the object and then continue to wander around, in one case in the deli shop after buying items the shopkeeper proceeded to continuously run into the bottom right corner, they proceeded to stay like this after exiting and re-entering the shop. Screen shot of the deli shopkeeper running endlessly into the corner
  7. Some of my various darwings

    Never really thought of it that way, but it makes sense tho
  8. When ever you have willows lighter equipped and you walk through a door way in a ruin or cave it automatically goes out once you enter the room while staying equipped, it goes back on once you re-equip it
  9. Some of my various darwings

    I always wondered what would Billy's reaction would be to seeing a volt goat being a goat and all Sorry for not posting for a long time been kinda busy with EVERYTHING
  10. Some of my various darwings

    Doodles of my favourite merm boi, we better be seeing him and the other members of the gorge again or otherwise I'll throw a fit
  11. Some of my various darwings

    I'm actually struggling to reply as im too busy blushing from the really nice things your saying, it really means a lot to me. ^////^
  12. Some of my various darwings

    Wigfrid looking down on Wes, she honestly expected more of a fight from him. i was gonna draw a the aftermath of a fight between them but I forgot that i cant draw poses
  13. Some of my various darwings

    Was in the mood to draw some other Triumphant character, so here they are A grinning Wilson And a Wes who has had a run in with a certain Valkyrie
  14. Some of my various darwings

    Skull eyes look much better on triumphant WX wouldn't you agree
  15. Honestly making some items only available as competition prizes is very annoying but it does add that sense of pride to them knowing, one you worked hard to earn it and two its a thing few people have, increasing its value. But honestly the only prizes im gonna get is the participation ones