Guess what? Game keeps disconnecting again

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Any game that lasts over 30 minutes gets randomly disconnected for everyone.

You cant do plateless run or barely any recipe discoveries, forget about xp farming. Over last 7-8 games I played at last 5 got disconnected this way. And its not only me, everyone on our discord gets disconnected at about same times. Let me dedi host my own gorge games! I cant deal with these connection bs.

This really makes me not want to play event ever again.

Please look into your stuff Klei, this is ruining the fun for everyone.

Steps to Reproduce
play game for over 30 minutes.

User Feedback

.... .... .... ....

Upvote, I feel this disconnect so damn hard.

Silverless +27 dishes in, already have a sap farm and can chill but the server disconnects.

Happened 2 times in a row both Silverless already +18 dishes.

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Changed Status to Dupe

Patch 274406 is live now, which we hope will solve some of these issues. Please let us know and paste your logs if you continue experiencing problems. Thanks!

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