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  1. I understand. What would you think of keeping bundles as they are, same recipe (1 rope) and all, but remove bee wax as a craftable item and leave it as a Bee Queen drop? As I said in my last reply.
  2. Yeah I understand the point of view of those who like bundles, even though I don't agree. I don't think it would be such a problem to remove the bee wax from the crafting tab though. Just because some worlds have a ridiculous amount of killer beehives. Bee queen dropping 1 honeycomb and 1 bee wax would balance that I think. The honeycomb just to make sure bees don't go extinct or to be used in the crockpot if they start to accumulate, and the bee wax to craft one bundling wrap per boss fight. This way the item continues to serve the same purpose but become less trivial and more rewarding to get. You do have to fight Bearger and spend 3 gears to get the Insulated pack. Don't know why it should be different for Bee Queen. Yeah it's harder to kill, but the drop is way better, she spawns every 20 days and people cheese her anyway.
  3. Woodie review and ideas for rework.

    Dude this one single change would make the beaver so much better. No need to add space between your trees and burn the stomps.
  4. Thank you for being so positive. Your suggestion is amazing. With the exception that it doesn't make sense using royal jelly to craft a paper. But your idea gave me another idea. How about this: > Klaus no longer drop wax papers. > Bee wax is no longer a craftable item with honeycombs, but a boss drop (bee queen). > Bee queen now drops 6-7 royal jelly, 1 honeycomb (just so it doesn't become extinct in public servers), a blueprint AND 1-2 bee waxes. Would that be a good patch? We keep the bundling wrap as it is (since most of you seem to like it) but now it becomes more of a luxury item. Just like you need to kill Bearger and use 3 gears to craft an insulated pack, you'd need to kill bee queen every 20 days to get 1-2 bee waxes. Would everyone be happy with this?
  5. Speaking of Killer Beehives. I don't think Klei cares about your concern (if killer bees are an actual obstacle). They were SO much stronger before. It got to a point, possibly during A New Reign, where Klei seemed to be determined to just make everything less hard. The attack range for killer bees was MUCH bigger, does anyone remember this? They are a joke now. Abigail drops them literally like flies because they can't even touch wendy. It's kinda hilarious even. So to answer your question, if Klei ever takes the suggestion of lessening the number of beehives in the killer bee biome, they probably won't care if there's a side effect that makes killer bee hives less of a threat.
  6. Difficulty in DST

    Preach it brother.
  7. Ok. So, I'm cautious about the idea of taking this forum as a trusty sample of the opinion of most players. However, it's still possibly the most reliable source of info that we have. After reading just these few replies, I will assume that many people view food gathering as a chore and therefore don't want a nerf to the bundling wrap, which disappoints me but it's fine. So my suggestion is: don't nerf the bundling wrap, but at least nerf Klaus and wish that Klei is mindful of the number of killer bee hives some worlds can generate. Let me use this opportunity to ask another question: How about lessen the number of hives in this killer bee biome and make the Bee Queen always drop 2 honeycombs (not a fan of this last part, but just putting it out there). Perhaps the item doesn't need to be nerfed, but rather make it more luxurious and less trivial to craft, so it truly feels an "endgame" item. Tweaking Klaus is definitely a good start. Having said all that, I wanna say to the people who dislike bundling wraps as they are. If you're reading this, and you don't like them, speak up. Your opinion matters too.
  8. Difficulty in DST

    I agree with you. Wortox and Wormwood are easily one of the best characters in the game currently. I just want to point out that technically Wortox can carry more than 20 souls at a time. You probably know this but you forgot to mention it. If you play a multiplayer world, one single flower planted in the center of your base will spawn a very big amount of butterflies. Enough for you to catch 20 of them each day. This is useful for boss fights. You use all your 20 souls, then kill a stack of butterfly and you have 20 souls again. And healing a stack of butterflies is kinda easy too. Heck, you can even heal a stack of butterfly with... one butterfly wings. Kappa. ------- EDIT: truly wanna know why my quotes keep looking like that.
  9. I don't mean to generalize, but many people that say farming food is a chore and just not interesting also like to complain about the game getting tedious fast after the second or third game year or whatever. And this truly gets me confused. Farming food is not even that hard and to keep it as a constant necessity helps to keep the player on their toes. I don't view it as a chore. In fact, I don't remember people complaining about it before bundles came about. But I respect your opinion nonetheless. From my observations, people who like bundling wraps are those who like building huge bases, consider food farming just a distraction/inconvenience and wish for more "end game stuff". And that's fine and, again, I don't mean to generalize. But to me, releasing an endless amount of content to eternally pursue an endgame that isn't boring (if such a thing as "endgame" is even possible in a sandbox game) is going to be a draining challenge that neither Klei nor any developer would be able to deliver. Sorry, it does change it drastically. C'mon. Nothing spoils anymore. The bundling wrap costs literally one rope. It's virtually infinite food. Farming food is not a constant task anymore and therefore the game is prone to get boring considerably faster as soon as the player gets totally relaxed, and/or the new game content gets stale and/or they have finished building their mega base. I understand your point of view. But let me ask you this: don't you think removing wax paper from Klaus wouldn't make killing Bee Queen even more important, while also balancing out the wrap in the process? Klaus wouldn't even be bad after this. He is basically a gamble boss. You can either get a deerclops eyeball, a mandrake, a krampus sack or literally come up with nothing. But a guaranteed 4 wax paper drop is too much imo. For some reason i'm not able to edit a quote here without having that huge white space gap.
  10. This could work I guess .Precisely. The issue with him will persist for as long as the wraps are abundant and relatively easy to get. He can kill Kaus in one winter and get 4 wax papers and from that point on he is in god mode.
  11. I like your post. Putting it in numbers helps a lot. Like I said, removing the bundles from Klaus would balance it a lot already. Also would make killing BQ even more important and the bundling wrap sort of a luxury item. The only problem is: what about the servers that generate a ridiculous amount of killer bee hives?
  12. You raise some good points. Honestly, I would be satisfied if Klaus is changed and nothing more. Not completely, but almost. What do you suggest with Wolfgang then? Nerf him somehow? I don't think that would work well. They can nerf his buff via Warly's meals, but that's about it I guess. Nerfing Wolfgang a lot (his base damage or the hunger drain in his basic form, for example) would only make him a less viable option for the average player and also won't affect veterans because anything regarding food/hunger (and also healing) is basically irrelevant as long as bundles are abundant. World generation plays a big part on this as well. Some worlds have huge killer bee fields and others barely have any regular bee hive.
  13. Lol i'm just as confused as you. I have no idea what happened there.
  14. Difficulty in DST

    Personally, to me it's not about being easy or hard. I'd just like to see food gathering somehow still be a constant task that the player has to work on, no matter how long they've survived. But you are absolutely right when you say the difficulty in this game is basically based on knowledge since virtually every mechanic is susceptible to exploits or workarounds. You are also probably right when you say the game can't be made any more difficultt for experienced players, at least not in the long term.
  15. no it doesnt. klaus says hi. hm, I disagree again. One bee box doesn't even come close to a bunny farm.