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Missing Skins

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I opened up the beta to find the majority of my skins, including the Hallowed Nights skins I bought yesterday and most of the Gorge skins I've had since the event itself, missing. I'm not the only to experience this, a friend of mine also opened the game to find their skins missing. 

Steps to Reproduce
I opened up the game, having downloaded the beta.

User Feedback

I am also finding missing skins,including some I earned/bought from the previous forge event are now locked, I also have only opened the game having downloaded  beta. 

Checking back in the main game and the items missing are showing correctly, so this appears to be a forge  beta specific bug?

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@nightlight.exe, @Faereluth this is intended. During the beta you have a different Klei account with different skins. So upon exiting the beta you'll see and be able to use your items. This way if something actually goes wrong with the skin servers during the beta, none of your actual items will be lost. This is also the reason (I believe) why we cannot keep any progress and items from the beta.

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