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Various keyboard binds are being activated while typing into text fields.

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When typing into the chatbox or search bar on the new crafting menu, keybinds such as E and Q (and some modded ones such as the keybind to open geometric placement options when typing in search bar, but this is probably for the modder to fix) are being activated. Also, when pressing E or Q while map is open, it rotates the map multiple times per press.

Steps to Reproduce

1. open chat or new craft menu

2. press E or Q

3. observe the world spin around you while you type

User Feedback

for mods we can use

local playercontroller = ThePlayer.components.playercontroller
local v1, v2 = playercontroller:IsEnabled()
if playercontroller and v2 ~= false then


to disable doing keybind action if craft menu is search bar being used atm, tho mods all need to manually update it so a lot of mods dont update will be broken this way sadly

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