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Sea Weeds attack nearby player even if bumped by enemy pirate boat

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local function on_collide(inst, data)
    local other_boat_physics = data.other.components.boatphysics
    if other_boat_physics == nil then

    local hit_velocity = math.abs(other_boat_physics:GetVelocity() * data.hit_dot_velocity) / other_boat_physics.max_velocity

Sea Weeds will look for and attack a nearby player when bumped by a boat, even if the boat is an enemy pirate boat. Would it not make sense to attack the mobs controlling the boat?

If this is currently intentional, then please take this as feedback, I think it'd be pretty funny to let a pirate boat crash themselves into sea weeds and watch as those dim-witted fools get obliterated, :wink:

Steps to Reproduce

1. Get an enemy pirate boat to crash into a Sea Weed

2. The Sea Weed attacks nearby players, not the monkies on the boat.

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User Feedback

Players: Minds their own business

Pirate Monkeys: Bumps into Sea Weeds

Sea Weeds to the player: What'd you say to me?

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