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Polly Roger can collect from ruins cave holes

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If you stand next to a ruins cave hole with Polly roger's hat, Polly roger will collect the loot from inside the cave hole.

(Is this intentional?, it makes the lazy forager's only purpose more irrelevant)

Steps to Reproduce

1. Use Polly Roger near ruins cave hole

2. Profit $

User Feedback

i dont see the problem with this one. lazy forager can be crafted very early in the game while the hat needs more work plus i dont see myself going into the ruins with that hat because i would need head and hand light sources in the inventory which takes more slots than just head light. Lazy forager arent only used to pick items from the holes but also to pick stuff faster, now we can combine both items to pick stuff faster. Also makes sense since is bird fliying

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The Polly Roger has was designed to pick up items but an alternate mechanic and obtaining method.

Changed Status to Closed

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