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Igniting already burning mobs won't reset the burning duration

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Willow with Burn Duration skill have 30 seconds of burning when applied to mobs. Though the burning timer does not reset when the player attack the mobs when they're already burning. The player should wait until the fire totally extinguishes if they want to lit the mobs again. Seems strange considering Most of the crowd control effects like panicking not from fire, freezing, or the shadow prison can be extended.

Note that this also applies on burning BERNIE!. The burning duration of burning BERNIE! cannot be reset if BERNIE! is already on fire.

Steps to Reproduce

1. Ignite mobs.

2. Ignite them again before the fire puts out.

3. The burning duration does not reset.

User Feedback

This is how burning things are handled in DST for basic burning things like torches and Willow's lighter. 

Willow gets to extend that time with her skills, so that's her buff here.

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