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Charged Lightning Spear (and Morning Star) didn't cause the player do "electrocution" anim. Although Volt Goat Chaud-Froid will

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As shown in the video, when the player character is attacked by the Charged Lightning Spear and Morning Star, they play a normal attacked animation. But when attacked by Volt Goat Chaud-Froid, they play an animation of being struck by lightning.


Steps to Reproduce

1.enabled pvp

2.attack player character with Morning Star and Volt Goat Chaud-Froid

3.Notice the difference

User Feedback

I have to say something. A lot of the bug reports you've been submitting aren't really sensible.


PVP is already an extremely unbalanced mess, but Wigfrid dittos are actually fair and skill based using elding spear. 

Adding the electrocution stun would ruin this one balanced niche.

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