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Bug of the event setting

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There is no Catcoon shrine in the game ,event setting is default and red bag is normally drop.only "always" have the building

Steps to Reproduce

default event

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User Feedback

(raises hand)  I can confirm.  Could not find the Catcoon Shrine ANYwhere in the new crafting menu (I even searched for it and looked at the "Everything" category myself).  

BUT, _when spawned in_, the shrine does work correctly--except that I can't put a feather on it to activate it.  But it works without the feather, anyway.  I found a kitcoon both by hiring a Ticoon, and then a second one later on my own.  And I do find red pouches in the forest sometimes, next to catcoons.  I was also able to get collars and name both of my kitcoons at the shrine.

...but I had to spawn it in, instead of building it.  So, the event's CONTENT is working, but the _beginning_ of how to GET to that content, is not.


...this reminds me of when you have an old 32-bit game on a modern 64-bit computer, and you have to bend over backwards to get the game to INSTALL, but then once you _have_ jumped through all those hoops, it actually _plays_ fine.  : P  The hard part is getting the shrine to EXIST in a beta world.  But then after that, the shrine itself works.


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