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  1. 1.Tall bird nests seems to be hard to find in the newly created world since the last update,about 7 times out of 10 times compared with only 1 time out of 10 times before.I will attach the files of the new world 2.After keep playing more than 3 days on the boat,new items which get into backpack will lost the picture of them 3.Can't add fuel to the bone armor which in the backpack new world no tallbird.rar
  2. After playing on the boat for more than 3 days,you will lose the image of new items which in your backpack Can't add fuel to the bone armor in the backpack players just walking around use the shift+left to stacking items which in your backpack will not succeed(especially when you have the same items in your body)
  3. Keep playing for a longtime the antlione will not spawn,unless restart the service and in the autumn Antlion still can earthquake
  4. 1.antlion will not spawn unless players come close to it,and keep playing a long time ,it not spawn even you come close to the place it spawn. 2.nightmare will not disappeared if player not get close to them at the time of they should disapper 3.ghost of grave also not disappear unless plays .. 4.get new item in backpack on the boat make the item's img disappeared ,like eyebone and chester will just run nowhere.you must take off the backpack and pick it 5.monsters are super easy to wake up after player rescue from life giving amu
  5. Cluster_3.rar I have delete some cluster recent days,not sure if it has an impact on this
  6. sever unable start,just keep launching sever (cave)server_log_2021-04-02-10-43-02.txt server_log_2021-04-02-10-43-02.txt
  7. the cluster created 2 months ago can't be opened,and the cluster created 4 days ago is still normal Here is the log of the cluster which fail to start (caves)server_log_2021-04-02-02-56-25.txt server_log_2021-04-02-02-56-25.txt
  8. new beebox don't spawning bees must be the same reason with hound ,reload the game make it normal
  9. 1.Crab King not spawning again in a new world 2.hound mounds will not spawning hounds after playing a longtime(about keep playing 20 days),there are no bees in new bee-box 3.not bug :the storage time of seed bag is too short (useless thing)
  10. It hasn't been fix yet till now??????
  11. 1.There may be something abnormal in the drop loot, I killed more than 10 beefalo without their horns kill Mactusk as more as I can. after 2 years,I still don't have a tam O'shanter a lot of eggs after pengulls died 2.Unable to feed moon moth in the ice chester,players just keep moving 3.bees and killer bees will not be reborn unless the world is reopened
  12. 1.other players can't see the seeds in bird trap(only the one who put it in),and hard to catch a bird 2.weird ways of spawning (1)tallbird eggs can turn into tallbird in 10 seconds when the last one died (2)wurt's merm house can spawning merm very fast(spawn in 20seconds when last one died) (3)killer bee in hives never spawning again(at least I have waiting for it one day) (4)bats and nightmares(spawning by cave entrance and nightmare light) are spawning all of them in a moment 3.Pipspook spawning less when wendy players in the server(I'm not sure or maybe some grave spawning pipspook but some don't) and bring pipspook reduce the range of touch ,for example, hard to cook food or jump into wormholes
  13. hound mounds and pig houses will not spawn beings when the service is just opened(or it may never be generated? I have played the game time 6 days),and wurt build merm house can spawn merms very quickly,regenerates 30 seconds after death though only about 3 times,before this update it must wait about 4 days to regenerate and moles also never appeared
  14. no mods,with caves the game will alway on grenrating world.without caves the game will crash to desktop But the game is OK yesterday。maybe I've clicked on the link:https://accounts.klei.com/link/pinetreepioneers to get spool