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  1. new bug

    Can't paly hamlet things disappeared and new (rog)world the program will flash back and my file often disappeard with no reason I don't know why
  2. 1.Get in room of full moon,The big bird will not arrive,I have played 77 days ,bird only come once and when it try to grab me,I just get stucked the only thing i can do is quit the game??? 2.steal is a stupid setting you can get things very easy,desk often disappered with no reason and you can also hammer or burn a grass near it to destory.what's more if you eat mandrake in the dusk and get in and out of room the shopkeep will wake and give you things to steal(What The Fxxk) 3.Pigs chop deciduoustree very fast and then make the game crash 4. you can't change the world.it always keep default. 5.sometimes saves will break with no reason 6.wilba have no face on the boat in the fog 7.ROG&HAM will make beefalo appear near the river in ham. 8. Bird will not spawn if you play more than 40 min once.and squirrel will never sapwn after 30 days 9.Game carsh when I try to go to another world maybe carry wrong things?
  3. Launch sever failed

    this problem seems have been fixed in ver. 288118
  4. Launch sever failed

    I'm sure.15 min mean I'm waiting for the game start but it alway on the screen of " luanch the server " In fact It will never start, I have tried 5 days.And all Chinese can't start games with cave .you can see it ,here is the client log server_log.txt
  5. Launch sever failed

    This bug has been fixed,Thank you for your hard work,But I'm not sure will this problem recur?I have mentioned the reason before which found in the server log,Can't connet to s3.amazonaws.com make caves failed to start,Thanks again Not again! This problem still exist ,here is the sever log server_log.txt
  6. Launch sever failed

    It was caused by this update not files problem, Caves has changed it's ip connetion 。People live in China can't connet to some website,such as twitch,youtube,facebook and s3.amazonaws.com!!so please change sever address
  7. sorry about my poor English, ,I'm living in China.Host a sever with caves are always on the "launch sever"screen ,somesays use VPN can launch it normal,But I don't know how to use vpns.Maybe this update make caves link to some website,Please give a option to turn it off,I just want to play DST like before,Thanks a lot