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Auto-Pause does not work if enabled in-game

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Auto-Pause does not work if enabled in-game
Extra shenanigans to that:
Losing focus while that is happening completely freezes the game.

Steps to Reproduce

Disable autopause in the main menu
Enter a world
Enable autopause
Try auto-pausing
Uh oh.

User Feedback

Having similar troubles. If my controller is plugged in to my PC, independent of whether or not I'm using Keyboard/Mouse or the Controller, the auto-pause engages but after a few seconds it goes back to unpaused. I can only pause by pressing P. 

When I removed my controller from my PC, auto-paused immediately started working again.

Game doesn't freeze if it loses focus though.

Edit: Restarting the game completely fixed that for me, so I don't know what was up.

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