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Attack Rate Has Slowed Down To A Noticeable Degree

  • Known Issue

As of Update 505285, we got the following two fixes:

  • Fixed an issue where players would get stuck in an animation when chopping down trees with the mouse button held.
  • Fixed an issue causing F key attacks to be delayed when the F key is held down.

Unfortunately, this has slowed down the attack rate at which characters attack stuff.

If I were to guess, something with the 2nd fix has caused this.

Note: The character no longer just stands there before going "ah yes, you're the thing I must kill", instead they just go "I see you, I attack promptly, but my swings will be at a slower rate than before". Wrote this to illustrate the difference in case what was written above was not clear.

Steps to Reproduce

Try to attack mobs.

Notice that you are attack much slower than before.

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User Feedback

Ya I almost lost a world cause of it, had a life amulet though so it’s all good but still not playable

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