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Tremors occur three times before each eruption, but sometimes its only two?

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Maybe I'm fooled by wiki which says that tremors occur three times before each eruption.

I have had eruption after two tremors, more than once.

Steps to Reproduce
Save and quit after the first one. Start the game and the eruption starts after just one more tremor.

User Feedback

It also looks to me that sometimes its 3 "tremors", sometime only 2 and sometimes maybe even 5 ( if you quit the game and load it again later).

Maybe this is just an impression. ( a mod counting the "tremors" and displaying the count can help ) Possibly its a bug.

However maybe this randomness is by design, not an actual bug. Just don't know, - the clarification is appreciated ;)

Also I think that sometimes the hound attacks counter is interfered with "natural disaster" counter, or something like that.

I'm also positive that hound attack counter sometimes gets reset upon the change of the season. Which is OK with me, though illogical.

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