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  1. Maybe I'm fooled by wiki which says that tremors occur three times before each eruption. I have had eruption after two tremors, more than once.
  2. It's only bioluminescence which I cannot grab with the mouse anymore, catching bees, butterflies works as before. It's very strange, it has worked with the mouse and now it only works with spacebar, in this specific world. The game cache was ok. Cheers
  3. Tried with spacebar and its working |o|, but not by using the mouse. I don't know how to check the game cache integrity.
  4. c_countprefabs("bioluminescence ") gives 328, but I have used c_give("bioluminescence ", 20) to get some (its a 300+ day world after all ;)) Yea, I cannot get them with a bug net, I don't get the catch marker when I'm over them in the water
  5. Hello Zillvr, Thanks for the explanation and the code snippet, I see. Though, I'm trying to understand why I can no longer collect bio. It started right after my chest with bio was destroyed. Maybe the drop on land function never gets called in such case. I don't know, cheers
  6. Cannot harvest Bioluminescence in my world anymore. Seems this is the case once you have some stored in a chest which is destroyed. Where does this strange substance go when released? on land |o| ... Love the DLC