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Trawl Net bug

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Hi Just wanna imform I am pretty surten it is a bug. after using trawl net with my boat and when it is full it detach. When I open to grab the yellyfish I left click but it gets realised in the water instead of my inventoy either that or it becomes this procent icon on it and then I click again and it goes in the water and not in my inventory or on the mouse pionter at all. My character is almost starving becose I cant get any jellyfish in my inventory. I wonder if anyone had this or something simulera.

Steps to Reproduce
I just made another trawl net and tryd again I think it is random when the bug appear and I have no idea waht to do with this bug.

User Feedback

As of this recent Release the Quacken update (I keep forgetting the build number), the bug still appears to be present. I was using shift-left click to transfer items from the newly detached trawl net into my inventory while riding a CARGO BOAT and the items transfer into the boat's inventory and upon reaching the cap, the live jellyfish I wanted to transfer were released into the water while I still had plenty of inventory space in my character's inventory. One Jellyfish was maintained in the Cargo Boat's inventory.

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