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Obsidian Axe and Obsidian Machete stunlock enemies forever

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In their either overheated or basic state, Obsidian Axe and Obsidian Machete allow for endless stunlocking of enemies. Obsidian Spear does not share this behaviour.
 You just need to keep swinging with the weapon at the enemy and they will be locked in "staggered" animation with each swing.

This exploit removes any challenge from fighting Sealnado or any other single threatening enemy, as you can walk up to them and start attacking with Obsidian tool with impunity.

This exploit was present even before the "Wilbur vs. Volcano" update, but now with even more ways to obtain and craft Obsidian tools it may become more visible to other players.

High durability of Obsidian Tools adds another pain factor to this exploit.

Version: "Wilbur vs. Volcano" update, cannot find the build version.

Verified both on console-spawned and legit targets.

Found on: PC

Steps to Reproduce
1.Launch any Shipwrecked world 2. Obtain Obsidian Machete or Obsidian Axe 3. Open Console (tilde key by default) 4. type c_spawn("twister", 1) 5. Attack spawned Sealnado with your Obsidian tool until Sealnado loses twister form

User Feedback

A developer has marked this issue as fixed. This means that the issue has been addressed in the current development build and will likely be in the next update.
5 hours ago, Bryce said:

Changed Status to Known Issue

Also if you stunlock Sealnado then its AI bugs out and it stops attacking forever. You can just stand by it and it will act strangely and run away. 

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