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    Anyone like Shia LeBeouf? Rob Cantor - Shia LeBeouf SHIA SURPRISE! more Shia Sia - Elastic Heart
  3. This is partially incorrect. Submerge a liquid pump. Have its output go through a valve. Set the valve to 100g/s. It will use 1/100th the power compared to the valve being set at 10kg/s. HOWEVER, a pump that is set in not-enough liquid/gas will draw full power even if it can't fill the piped output.
  4. My duplicants rarely use the manual generators, and barely, if ever, refill the coal machines! Even if I'm on a full yellow alert, literally everything else is at an 8 priority or below, and BOTH OF MY COAL GENERATORS HAVE STORAGE BINS SPECIFICALLY FOR COAL RIGHT NEXT TO THEM, including a generator next to a hatch farm, and Supplying is on high priority for every dupe, they will almost never refill it and when they do it's almost never with enough coal to last more than 5 seconds! It's super inconsistent and I have no idea how to fix it.
  5. In my opinion we can consider it renewable,but all the methods are just too expensive. •Killing yourself demands Life amulets or in a worst case scenario a telltale heart. •Inserting the key in Klaus bag just gives you 1 bone shard,and you have to find the deers,make them hurt themselves in a tree and find the bag first. •Mining bones in the desert and the lunar island it’s an activity that will only gives you a finite number of bones. •Mobs like Catcoon and no-eyed-deer having a loot pool that can drop the item is good but it’s far from effective. •And searching it in tumbleweeds is not a guarantee drop. Just a simple tweak like,having big mobs similar to koalefants,Beefalos, vargs and bosses to drop at least 2 bone shards when using a certain weapon or having random carcasses spawn in the world and when searched they would drop rot,bones and a spoiled meat of some kind.
  6. The Psychology of Forum Usage

    I think I found the one that saturnus was on. This is actually a better place for people to ask simple questions and get quicker responses from what I've found. For harder ones, you'd probably need the forums or reddit for retention, but it won't be as streamlined. I don't find myself waiting too long either way. I guess if you use both discords, you will never be without people so it has that going for it. I'll see if I can increase my google-fu powers to combine the forums. ka me ha me ha "site: | site: | site: Pacu" I forgot to add the link for google operators for even more techniques.
  7. Coal Generators ignored by Duplicants

  8. I'm in a survival game and only saving manually at periodic intervals, so I can't replicate the problem just yet. However, I have had it happen twice. In both cases, there was a vacuum on both sides. On one side, the vacuum was broken with high-pressure gas. The liquid stack fell away from the sudden gas pressure. I have never had this happen when there was already gas on one side or the other of the stack.
  9. Well then. That's interesting. I wonder how that is possible.
  10. I cracked open a room just outside of the screenshot area. 20kg of hydrogen spilled out on the left side. It pushed the petrol off the crude, making it fall to the right. No digging was done anywhere near the stack of liquids.
  11. As far as I know anything that uses the print function will print to the logs by default. Hook prefab spawns by a prefab post init, and check for death by listening for the ondeath event fired from your prefab post init.
  12. Wurt's diet guide

    I personally can't wait to see how difficult it will be for all the Wurts to not starve in winter. You can't eat meat or eggs, can't get butterflies, can't use bee boxes, can't get berries, can't get birch nuts, can't get seeds or grow seeds. Sure, one Wurt can save up a ton of food for himself for the entire winter, but on Wurt's release week, one server is going to have like 5 Wurts and they're all going to compete for the same food. Food will be very limited in winter. Limited to like... cacti, carrots from bunny farms, kelp, stone fruits, and whatever food was saved from autumn. Meanwhile, the Merm King has to be fed as well, so there's even more trouble.
  13. Transit Tube Troubles

    Its happened twice in something like 280 cycles, so it isn't a constant problem. Restoring the vacuum will restore the thermal barrier. If it was important for this room to maintain a vacuum continually, then I would re-route the tubes. But in this case, having it break occasionally isn't a big deal. Besides, I used this mostly as an example of the problem with TUBEs.
  14. Yeah, the theory is that he was wagstaff that decided to be a robot. I don't really know why it was disproven though.
  15. Merm hats?

    Maybe we won't need hats/helmets for merms since Merm King will provide them with "extra strenght to fight". Although i would like to make merms wear a disguise of a merm just because it would look extra menacing (assuming it would look and take a head slot like Shamlet Mask from Hamlet).
  16. This won't break for any pressure of gas, but it will break if you excavate the tile adjacent to the oil before the one adjacent to petroleum, for a similar reason to the bypass pump. This will often happen if you send an excavate command to both at the same time.
  17. Transit Tube Troubles

    Why if any passing dupe will destroy the vacuum again?
  18. Music thread

    Anyone like cats? Trevor Moore - Kitty History
  19. This is what I use for many notifications, including returning rockets.
  20. Yesterday
  21. Good night to everyone, i'm working on a cool project to make an open source discord bot for dedicated dst servers, my initial goal was to be able to read in-game chat and send it to discord, and also read discord chat and send it to the game using announcements, wich i managed to do successfully. Now i would like to take it one step further and be able to send certain game events to discord, in order to do that, i need to log those events into some kind of file, wich i will be watching for changes. Since the game already logs deaths, resurrections, players joining and leaving into server_chat_log.txt, i could use that file. So basically what i need to do with a server mod is add some events into server_chat_log.txt. For example the game right now logs: [00:01:23]: [Join Announcement] KZtyler [00:07:14]: [Leave Announcement] KZtyler I wish to add [00:01:23]: [Deerclops Spawned] [00:07:14]: [Deerclops Killed] by KZtyler Is adding "custom" events to the log possible, can you point me in some direction? In advance, thank you very much! Im sharing with you the github of the discord bot project
  22. Hi guys i love critters ppl launched mods for new hatchs, pufts, and slicksters im really enjoying them :). Someone else trying them? Also theres a new asteroid with the slickster mod but its bugged after latest patch.
  23. Title. Would like to have it start on green and stop on red. Projected uses would be to alert me map-wide when a single-destination rocket has returned, or when a cargo-rocket has "ran its course" (exhausted its target), but I'm sure one could think of many more cases.
  24. Yes, I left them out for reasons. And yes, Yuk, I know about the net.
  25. we got warly and wormwood btw, remember the net that can only be obtained by debug spawn?
  26. Well,i can say one thing. You're WRONG! HA!
  27. I kinda thought the way to heal Wormwood would’ve been to chill in a pond like it’s a hot tub... but apparently- Wormwood is much more annoying than that and can only heal small amounts of his health by smearing beefaloo poop across himself.
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