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  2. I was talking with a friend about game logic, when we had an amazing idea. The crock pot seems to be a magical source of plates, as well as other eating utensils, and yet the survivors never use this to its full potential. I propose an item for Warly, crafted with a portable crock pot, 3 silk, and two boards. The item could be similar to Wheeler's gun, in the way that when you load an item into it, you can shoot something. The item would be able to cook food like a fire pit, and every time you did this you would get a plate. The plates could be loaded into the item like air horn/blunderbuss. I don't know what damage it should do though, what do you think?
  3. It is the year 20XX, and in the future everything is devastation, because everyone has for some reason been given the chance to be in charge of developing the game "Don't Starve." The Veterans and Elitists hover in the seiza position in their monasteries and make instant additions and changes to the game with their left hands, while typing extremely long and detailed suggestion threads in General Discussion with their right. The changes also happen ten or even five seconds apart because people immediately argue and bicker about said change, with the majority hastily yet victoriously applying the changes they envision. Everyone plays the characters that the Veterans endorse, because we all know that that one is the only truly viable one, and if you didn't the Veterans would lash out with nasty rhetoric and a lightning bolt. Nobody can stop the phenomenon any longer, as the Veterans and Elitists have achieved total perfection and superiority, their opinions having the most weight in the community. The noobs and casuls sit in abject poverty wondering how all this had come to pass and desperately praying for the devs to regain control.
  4. maybe like dst's "lights out" and "plus" presets. for example, maps which did not generate any geysers, maps with constant meteor showers and such.
  5. Wurt

    Klei said on twitter that we will get halloween short with news next week. Yeah i don't think we will get animation without the update, we will probably get the update too.
  6. Wurt

    It's probably for the character and not the event.
  7. Anywhere from 44c to 20c. I see. So the answer may be to just let it keep going a while until it stops.
  8. I would change/add 2 things: the change: after day 150, hound waves would have a varg. after day 200+ it would have 2 vargs. the add: Polar islands, one on the extreme north of the world, one on the extreme south. It's extreme winter there (you can't handle the cold with just na beefalo hat and hibernation vest). The north island is home to mrs. klause (more powerful than enraged klaus). The south island is home to yeti. Also, both islands has snowstorm during day-time (not on dusk or night).
  9. I think everybody does get their way with all the incredible mods available (to PC players) + varied world settings you can mess with. A common complaint is wanting the game to be more difficult for experienced players when that can be achieved in 1000 different ways with mods and world settings and/or personal rules. But I get that there's something different about an official change in the game endorsed by Klei... like it's cannon or something and that helps our... immersion? I don't know. Of course then it's impossible everyone gets their way.
  10. Wurt

    What's all this about a hallowed nights short?
  11. Wurt

    I feel like we should be more hyped knowing that he’s coming in about a week. (I really can’t imagine Klei releasing a Hallowed Nights short without giving us the update.) .. we definitely should avoid going as crazy as we did yesterday, though.
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  13. You mean like how would "vanilla" games be if all mods in Steam Workshop would be added to it? Your game would lag and stutter af, constantly crash or wouldn't even start. And if by some miracle that wouldn't be the case, judging from what you generally see in said Workshop you might as well call Don't Starve "The Great Meme Furry Anime Madness Adventure"
  14. Doodles! of DS!

    Song of the day, Lobotomy corporation! Me and Ez popping ideas and it get me to draw. Two sailing sister looking for salts. Abigail being useless, as ever. The :kappa: emote Laetitia from Lobotomy Corporation merge with Wendy Vault girl! wait this isn't DS related. I did the colouring, it's pretty bad tbh.
  15. Least favourite season?

    i like moonsoon work and fight theme. i dont think i like the moonsoon boss theme, but cant really remember it.
  16. Dupe-A-Day!

    gossman with egg!!!
  17. "Well that was fun playing DST, wonder what happen to the forum"

    the forum :


    didn't read yet, but dayum, hype much?

  18. Screenshot showcase

    Best buds sailing the ocean, took a break under the moon light. the photos that define our friendship
  19. I had to ship these two after seeing what Jesse did with the refs: Ripened saladmander living all of our dreams: --- I turned the rat dragon into a mage: Might add more later, not sure.
  20. I actually found a way!! function LoadRecipes(player) if GLOBAL.GetWorld().meta.level_id == "3in1" then -------Loaad recipes------ end end AddSimPostInit(LoadRecipes)
  21. Only if ordered, and Cookie Cutterx will retrieve if attacked, so Duelists won't be able to kill them. Also only one Cookie Cutter can be attacked at once by two Shadow Duelists. So I don't recommend.
  22. What I wanna know is why vote no. What's the idea there?
  23. Can the duelists kill the cookie cutters in the water?
  24. @Yank31 Updated the image to include meteors season output alternative. Also note, I wouldn't get rid of the calibration automation in case you have a failure of some sort at a future point, and you need to re-calibrate. Then all you'd need to do is hook up the meteor scanners again, and toggle the master reset.
  25. ONI University

    I'm not too worried about that. I have the link to it on the op so it should be fine. I think the awareness will come into play the more people use this as a resource or until a moderator pins it. The wikis only purpose at this point is to share editing rights/privileges with people. They can move it wherever they want once its more developed.
  26. The game randomly freezes the screen, while you can clearly hear that the client keeps on running - you can turn on the menu, change time speed and hear it all happening, but nothing happens on the scren and you have to restart the game to keep playing. Attaching the DxDiag, Save Files and Output Log in "Oni - bug", I did not find any DMP files as the game clearly doesn't recognize this as a crash. Oni - bug
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