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  2. It was half for the reason that his quote was answering yours, and half because I completely forgot I quoted you. Yup.
  3. What does my quote have anything to do with it?
  4. One thing that's not adding up to me is this idea that Fire Immunity allows for these supposed double secret fire damage strats. Believe it or not you don't actually need Fire Immunity for solid fire damage strats. In fact you don't need Fire Resistance: So if that's the case then why is it people aren't utilizing this apparently astounding powerful ability as current Willow?
  5. All critters reset to their medium temperature when they turn in to adults. It makes killing them through temperature changes hard especially for hatches which change temp real slowly. If I remember right they would die of hunger before dying from 1-200c
  6. With Bernie buff after rework, I feel that Willow is stepping into Wendy footstep and it's quite sad since she possibly could do many things with fire mechanics. One of the perk I could think about is she could extinguish fire in small area instantly with the cost of 30-40 HP. Even cooler, it could work like Dumbledore's Deluminator, capture and release fire at will at close range. If she did not release the fire stored in Deluminator in 10s, it will be exploded and damage her. Or this could be done by herself or her lighter. This would make her a very valuable asset in team play, especially in newbie team. What do you think?
  7. when they said that they were going to make a revision to the background of the characters ... they also referred to those of DS or only those of DST?
  8. glitterdoodles

    /slides into your notifications edit: i just realised this is my 150th post here. happy 150!
  9. It was just a little fun fact since the guy I was quoting was meming in that general area.
  10. He's Willow's best friend. Hey, if you think about it, we might finally get to meet the Walter that was in Willow's Watermelon quote.
  11. I don't recall making a pedantic argument earlier, the first person to whip out definitions from what I've seen is you. And yeah it is getting redundant, however be aware I am more than happy to continue as needed, solely because I care that much. I want Willow to be well-balanced and fun, and I don't think the rework design given will work towards this end. I've given my reasons, and I stand by them (and it seems based on the reaction I'm not the only one holding this opinion).
  12. That makes sense and would be lovely to see. But as you said: time will tell, and I really hope it is as you say.
  13. Can we at least wait until the update actually comes out before we get threads critiquing the changes?
  14. Yeah but the problem is I never said it wasn't a critique. I wasn't the one who started the literacy thing. This argument is getting redundant anyways.
  15. I thought it meant holding onto Bernie like, you know, a teddy bear? Hugging it, basically. Equipped does not automatically mean 'wear'. Time will tell how this plays out, however.
  16. It's a critique. If you consider what I said complaining then you pretty much consider any movie/game/art review "complaining" I gave an assessment of Klei's product, and, when asked, even gave potential solutions as best from my understanding. Attempting to make a pedantic argument as an aside of the main point here isn't going to help.
  17. I NEED HELP!

    Ok, I started off a shipwrecked world. Moved over to Hamlet on around day 80 and the aporkalypse started already. I managed to get the aporkalypse ruins without a gas mask, but my trouble is that I have no way of breaking the suspicious crack. I have no gunpowder and breaking the pillars to collapse the suspicious crack is not working. Does anyone have any advice? For now, I have gotten out of the ruins, chopped down 6 trees, got 4 eggs and I am going to wait 6 days for them to spoil. (cooked eggs)
  18. i'd not be so sure about that, as the newest character is literally at the same level of wickerbottom and doesn't seem to have any nerfs in the near future
  20. Simply put, Wagstaff will first heal from things like Jerky, but then lose 3 health for whatever reason. This usually results in a net gain of health, but it's still a bit strange. Perhaps dried foods were forgotten to be exempt from his downside?
  21. It's not complaining, it's critiquing the work. I give the critique in the intent of giving usable feedback, complaining wouldn't provide this. I don't think the rework solves anything, and based on the reaction I've received and my personal inferences and experiences I don't think it's crazy to think a lot of people tend to agree.
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