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  2. Make Wormwood locked

    Maybe Wormwood would be spawned as a special tree and would be ressurected by the player by giving him a Magic Water?
  3. Check out my Micromanaged Apartments Dupes sh*t and shower first thing in the morning, in lieu of a sink, and come back to finish the shower after breakfast, but before social time.
  4. If in case you wish to do something in the darkness: 1. Equip a torch 2. Equip the tool you desire in the mouse slot (e.g. a pickaxe) 3. Click the action you desire (e.g. a boulder) 4. Your character will be able to perform one action (e.g. one pickaxe strike) 5. Hurriedly reequip your torch 6. repeat as desired As you can see, this is way slower than simply crafting and placing down a campfire or any light source or burning down a tree, so use it as you will
  5. Definitely Wendy. She would do anything to bring her sister back, even if it means to sacrifice a dear friend.
  6. Category : Crash Platform : Steam Version : Rev 337090 Mods : Turned off Issue : Game gets stuck at loading screen when trying to start the game in the hamlet DLC Steps to reproduce : Create a world with the Hamlet DLC as first world
  7. The skull size is the same, it's not shrunken like I had thought. Dang heckin' optical illusions.
  8. That's exactly our point. Marble and Moonstone are two entirely different materials in the game, period. Your allusion of Pig Skin and Pig Skin? is a false analogy fallacy because Pig skin and Pig Skin? are materials of similar function and composition derived from the skin of animals. Marble is a nonmagical item native to the constant, with niche uses like Marble Suits and decorations. Moonstone is a much stronger, magical item which came from the moon in meteors. IT is used in more magical uses such as moonlenses, the Moon portal, sturdier Moon Rock Walls, and the like. Therefore, they are different items with different compositions and different uses which deserve different classifications. I believe we have made ourselves clear here. So basically your entire point (Moonstone = Marble) is still invalid. And nothing you have said logically proves them to be so. Also, where does moonstone relate to clockworks??? Lastly, nothing takes away the fact that you included your feelings of hatred and sarcasm into your argument. But despite this, Nitre, Stingers and the rest of the items you mentioned already have their distinct uses in the game, which is precisely why the game devs did not throw them out They fit the devs' visions of a game where you had to scrounge for the most unlikely of resources to survive, the ingame balancing etc., and though admittedly they lack too many uses to be interesting, they could ad least be expounded upon like they are being now. They were made for a reason, a function, for recipes, and for a vision. Taking them out would would not help the devs by the least and would remove their niches in the game. If that is your logic/belief, the developers should not have not added anything after Don't Starve was finished, as it is technically already a finished, and in your own belief, perfect game. If that is your logic/belief, they should have not gone through with developing Reign of Giants, Shipwrecked, Hamlet, and Don't Starve Together as having nothing more to add to it makes it a perfect game. Take out stingers, and a lot of game features are inevitably hit. I'll lose the ability to craft Boat Repair kits in SW which are one of the most reliable, if not the most reliable ways to tank boat damage before, during and after an engagement. Admittedly in DS alone, RoG and DST it has little use. But that doesn't mean it should be taken out entirely because despite not having much uses, it still is of some use, and could be of some use. Especially as Wormwood arrives, as you'll need stingers to craft bramble traps. I honestly don't get this point. Who are you to judge anyone's standards for content? Again, as many others have said, just because it's early game and you have little reason to use it doesn't mean it should be removed. And none of its' recipes violate the design philosophy and creative vision of DS which is to find solutions to survive in bizarre ways that defy reality. (I'm looking at you, Dumbrella. And you too, Weather Pain.) I mean, come on. Potassium nitrate is used in medicine, and is used to combat hypertension among other things. It's used as a chemical for explosives, which imo justifies the little electrifying explosions you get when you whack someone with a Morning Star. It's also used in a type of battery, which fit its' usage in electric items like the Morning Star. It's used in cold fires because it's again a reactive chemical irl and it can be used to portray a reverse reaction from the heat of a campfire, and basically fills the important role of cooling you down during Summer. Had they not put endo fires ingame the devs would have faced imbalance accusations as there would be little ways to cool off during summer. We indeed see your points. Logically they just do not check out and we felt the need to correct them. TL;DR, - Moonstone and Marble are not the same item, and neither are Hounds Teeth and Bone shards anyways. - The items you seek to remove already have their niche uses in the game. To remove them would disrupt the game entirely. - The items you seek to remove do not violate DS' design philosophy, validating their stay ingame as well. - The items you seek to remove would be better off given more uses than removed entirely.
  9. Why does fog exist

    That's why you should stock up on those cowls hun, fog is something that you should be prepared for, not some niche thing like freezing/overheating in rog, Hamlet does not forgive your mistake easily like the og DS..
  10. Indeed. I was holding off on starting a new game because of the May launch, but now with the delay I just started a new game on a mod mega map. Tons of fun! Also commercially Klei can get revenue for years to come through all sorts of DLC. The game is relative timeless as well. The choice of graphics makes sure the game will not feel outdated any time soon. Therefore it is so vital the game gets launched in a pristine state. That day 1 buzz is so vital as it will lay the customer base for years to come. They need to get it right from the get go to get high value out of this game.
  11. Boat Thread

    Practice a few shore landings and after that you can gauge accurately when to drop anchor. Another method to use is have an L shaped harbor, move in parallel to the land instead of going towards it directly, that is even easier because you have plenty of time to adjust.
  12. And how do you a throw a water balloon in the middle of a fight? It was all I could do to avoid being stun locked, I died with still 4 hounds left.
  13. It makes more sense for Wormwood to be buffed in the Spring. I'd rather see massive disadvantages for Winter and Summer.
  14. The critter sensor is just ****. It's use is vague and not obvious, i've been using them without knowing exactly what they do for a while now, wondering exactly how they trigger and getting pissed off with it.
  15. cause the suit is big and wilson isn't
  16. Steam->Library->Tools->Don't Starve Mod Tools->Spriter If you're just using the basic character animations with no changes, then all you need is to change the art assets. See the 'example character template' mod for that.
  17. Yeap i do it too but normally i take ages to melt it, will try this way now :). I normally use 16 dupes i save like 1 ice biome and melt the rest.
  18. image.png.477a9306f3a130042d8e5ee11aa395b7.pngimage.png.0d11dc3c518535ab9652b1b0f714236a.png

    ...I feel inadequate. :wilson_cry:

    2.7 times more reputation for only double the posts. 

  19. I think i am the only person in the entire universe that does this: - You can convert pinecones into twigs by planting them and digging them with a shovel. I always end up with 300+ pinecones before I even notice, so I do this to turn them into something useful. Also, is that "put a campfire near a puddle/iceberg to make them disappear" thing true? First time I hear. Pretty useful.
  20. Best Wilson Ship - MultiChoice you've got me wondering what Wilson's Meyers-Briggs type would be. What with the "Empathic Natural Leader" thing. But that would be a whole 'NOTHER string of polls! XD ...Notorious
  21. You have pointed out an important detail and you are good at quotes lol. About the rain effect on Wormwood, I think it could speed up its transformation process if it gets wet above a reasonable threshold, maybe 50(with exploits in mind) with a bit less sanity penalty from wetness. It makes sense to me since plants grow faster in spring because of rain.
  22. Today
  23. ...who's skull is this? And why is it so small?
  24. Straight up cut his head off for that delicious living log lmfao
  25. Alroight. They're literally the same, the only difference is that the Shipwrecked one has a higher res oar.
  26. Wes doesn't even need to talk to destroy everything Jokes aside, I would love to see Them as a very hard boss(es) with multiple stages, epic soundtrack and great visuals.
  27. Year of the Carrat 2020

    My mom was born in the Year of the Rat, so this'll probably be the first (hopefully not only?) time we'll see a Year of the Something in DST that matches someone in my family. It won't be until 2022 that we hit mine, Year of the Tiger, and I'm looking forward to that one. And you all know why. KITTIES!! XD Will they use the Antlion? Normal catcoons? Or, now that we have sailable ocean, can we also has...SHARKITTENS? There's definitely possibiities. ...Notorious
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