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  2. It's. A made-up. Name. Also Merms have a different culture/language than us, so what sounds "masculine" or "feminine" to OUR brains wouldn't necessarily work that way for them. Subject closed, end of chapter. (next part put in spoiler so it won't clutter the post and auto-annoy people. You'll have to CHOOSE to be annoyed! : P) ANYway. Back to actual gameplay stuff--yeah, the "strongly dislikes pigs" part is interesting because it's worded from HER point of view. Not like with Webber, where pigs automatically dislike _him_. No, it says SHE dislikes _them_, which makes me wonder if she'll have a sanity debuff or some kind of auto-aggro thing you'll have to actively fight off, steering her away. (WURT: GRRR! ME SMASH PIG NOW! PLAYER: Noooo, now _now_. WURT: But I _waaannnaaaa_...! (starts steering back towards the pigs) PLAYER: I SAID, not NOW! We have fruit to gather!) Well, Klei PROBABLY wouldn't do that last one, but it's a funny idea... Interestingly, Webber CAN still trade with the Pig King. You just have to get past the others first. But the King himself doesn't care! He just wants his trinkets and tasty meats. I'm thinking, as a contrast, Wurt just won't be able to trade with him AT ALL. Like, you can hold out a trinket over him but clicking won't do anything. Maybe, however, the _other_ things that automatically attack "monsters" won't attack her, such as catcoons. I dunno. I don't know how many things aggro on Merms or not... because Merms THEMSELVES aggro on _anything_ in their range besides other Merms, so if a catcoon did end up prowling too close to a swamp it'd end up in a fight no matter what. We've never actually seen someone who happens to be a Merm by species but is (potentially) _peaceful_ walking around in regular DS/T, so that'll be interesting to find out. ...Notorious
  3. The swamp

    Yeah I usually run my entire base from the swamp lands. It might be rather small but hey it works perfectly. You never even have to leave once you get a decent tree farm going.
  4. Wurt the .....

    Has it been actually said she's a goat turned merm yet?
  5. I can stand on lava without dying (on gym level three) if I jump right next to a pole. I die if I move out a bit from where I'm standing, though.
  6. Hmm I wonder if this will effect me making a base in the swamp area now...? Also seems I need to start saving up even more spools
  7. Yesterday
  8. Wurt the .....

    This, yes, please.
  9. Cough, Billy is a Female name, so let Wurt be a female name too
  10. No thank you. Sometimes I rather just mindlessly destroy these HP sponge bosses at my own, lazy leisure. Not everyone plays in 6 player, voicechat planned out raids.
  11. Hmm, I wonder if changing the shape of the heat exchanger would help anything.
  12. Exactly. it feels so utterly bizarre to be so worked up about the fact a fish monster girl has a rightfully gross monster name. Even if it was 'masculine' inclined, who gives a flying merm? It's a non issue. Completely non, actual issue. Very normal people problems to froth at the mouth over little fish girl with a """""""""""""BOY""""""""""""" name.
  13. Wurt the .....

    Wurt the %#*$
  14. It’s just a name. That’s all it is. Not to mention the gender of the character is already known, so who cares if it’s a male or female name?
  15. Wurt the .....

    Wurt, The Merwoman, excuse you
  16. Hate (well, not really) to break it to you, but many names have changed genders over time. These names: Evelyn Hillary Leslie Beverly Carol Courtney Dana Marion Lindsey Stacy Vivian Those all used to be men's names. Probably Klei just made up Wurt without realizing that it was some archaic name from centuries ago, but even if they didn't, people give female babies "male" names all the time.
  17. Wurt the .....

  18. oh boy, petty arguments, the klei forum aesthetic Can I get an animation for the salt formations regrowing?
  19. Showing off your outfits [2]

    Warlock Woodie, ready for Hallowed Nights.
  20. I quite often do not answer because the main things have already been stated and I do not actually have anything to add.
  21. The Psychology of Forum Usage

    Oh, I thought you were talking about teamspeak specifically for oni. That makes more sense. I've only ever used it once before switching to discord.
  22. The Psychology of Forum Usage

    I am always friendly and helpful.
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