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  2. Is the Vortex Cloak supposed to be just used by Maxwell?

    I don't see the problem. Wear it when going for a farm run. Take it off when not
  3. walls and other objects will go on sea if placed near the edge of the boat
  4. Who is best character to survive apocalypse

    Close but not quite. You need a magnifying glass and gunpowder too.
  5. Spider nests lose their on-ground web if the boat is moved.
  6. private bool CanAcceptMorePower() { return this.operational.IsOperational && (this.button == null || this.button.IsEnabled) && this.energyConsumer.IsExternallyPowered && this.availableJoules < this.jouleCapacity; } Apparently it needs to be operational in order to charge the internal battery. Makes sense if you consider that a standby automation signal is supposed to make buildings consume 0 W and as such can be used to control where the power goes and prevent overloading the wire. I think what happened in your case is that you drained the battery (or never charged it) and then you turned off the building. It kept complaining that it needed to be charged in order to be used, but at the same time you told it to not charge.
  7. No City, No Palace?

    Your second pig town seems real small. Something happened in world gen I think. Sending us your save game might help us find the cause.
  8. @DustFireSkyI like the fact that you wrote a thought-out reply. That's great. From my perspective, however, I disagree with most of your post, but especially this line: Even if every map were perfectly identical, I would play it 20 times and end up with 20 different games. I like to build things and to tinker with things. This game is great for that sort of play. I don't need (or want!) an end goal. There doesn't need to be a story -- though I think the one so far adds nicely to the atmosphere. I still haven't unlocked all the lore items, so I don't know if Mi-Ma blew up the planet so she wouldn't have to look at any more knees, or if Burt took the wrong equipment into the bubble bath one day... Anyway, I've really been enjoying the game. A lot. Almost 5k hours worth of enjoyment so far. .. ... I need a life.
  9. Maybe we'll finally find out the Matrons names?
  10. Wormwood Origin Theory

    I doubt that Wormwood is an ancient, but he may be related to them. I don't know about the moon creating Wormwood, but since he does spawn in the ruins, he must be related to the ancients somehow. What is that bit about plant animal hybrids? Wormwood looks all plant to me.
  11. No City, No Palace?

    Yeah it's confirmed there's no Pig Palace pretty crazy. I'll go ahead and spawn it in
  12. Woah that's pretty cool, I'll be using it lol. I think if klei implemented this the same way you can preset skins, then it'd be really handy.
  13. WormWood abilities.

    As@FreyaMaluk pointed out he already has a good set of pros and cons, its a pretty solid character. He may have some tweaks here and there mostly in balance I assume, but I certainly hope that he is not completely reworked. Oh and new skills are always welcome, of course.
  14. Should be fixed as of 336171. Thanks!
  15. Wortox soulhopping

    Should be fixed as of 336171. Thanks!
  16. WormWood abilities.

    I don't think he will lose sanity anymore from plants being destroyed near him because then he'd just walk next to Woodie or Maxwell and go mad, which doesn't really fit the multiplayer theme.. As for an ability, you can see the green gem in his chest beaming in the promo art, so he will probably be able to grow plants like that. Maybe more...
  17. Should be fixed as of 336171. Thanks!
  18. Should be fixed as of 336171. Thanks!
  19. ...ya didn't specify which one, so I went with the one I had. It's oddly cute.
  20. WormWood abilities.

    ?? he already has DS downsides that are pretty good IMO cannot heal from food looses sanity when trees are chopped down even if he actually didn't do it, also when shoveling plants catches fire very quickly
  21. Episode 239 - Join our animation team this Thursday, May 23rd, as we take a behind-the-scenes look at the recently released "From the Ashes" animated short for Don't Starve Together's Willow character update; live on! If you haven't seen the animated short yet, check it out on the Klei YouTube channel now: Be sure to click the follow button on the Klei Twitch channel to get alerted whenever we go live. As always, the Rhymes with Play Dev Cast is live every Thursday at 3:30 PM Pacific (10:30 PM UTC) Where is it? Use our handy widget below to see when the Dev Cast goes live in your area:
  22. tbh I don't think it's gonna be the case all DS characters are gonna be translated to DST. and even if that's the case we are very far from it cuz the current roadmap isn't gonna include them.
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