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  2. While I do not consider using a keyboard to be a major issue, I do agree it would be a nice addon. I generally prefer to have everything in plain view. The main reason is that keyboard only features tend to hide from the GUI and anything not properly in the GUI has a tendency to be overlooked. What happens in some games is that you get a list of say 30 keyboard only features and while playing you are aware of 27 features and you don't have any reminder that you are unaware of the remaining 3. For this reason all features should be in plain view in the GUI. The rotate feature is mentioned in text, but by principle it should be a clickable button as well, just like all other features should be mouse accessible if possible.
  3. Weird Headcannons

    ? @minespatch Quote pls meme plss
  4. I guess #2 is the way here. The class Edible has a method called GetFeedingTime, which returns a float telling how quickly the food in question is being eaten. Just add a postfix and divide the return value by 2, 3 or whatever and if I get it right, the consumption speed will speed up to be 2-3 times faster. I haven't actually tested this, but that's what I get based on a quick look in the code. It's not like I spent ages looking through the code in order to figure out how to make a mod I don't plan on actually making anyway.
  5. Kill your dupes

    Nahh, it could be much darker. It could be butchering dublicants for food.
  6. Looking for modding partner

    Sorry, I have had a huge workload put on me lately The latest image triggered my thinking. It doesn't need to be a real compressor with a piston pump. The pump is in the other end of the pipe where the liquid/gas exits some sort of machinery, usually a pump. This means it would be enough to just have a valve, which opens and closes according to the pressure. What this means to the image is that it would look sort of like the latest version of the image, but instead of using a "block" piston, it should be a cone or pyramid without the top part, which is then used to plug the hole when it doesn't output. This means for animation, all it needs is an open and a closed state and not animated open. Speaking of animation, I sure hope you draw with layers and keep it in a format with layers. Snooping around in the game files, it looks like the principle in animations is to have a base layer and then the animation is added as mostly transparent layers on top. When the building is active, it will cycle through the layers and show one at a time, meaning at any time while turned off, it's the base layer and at any time when it's on, it's the base layer and one (cycling) other layer on top. That seems to be the idea, though storage of the graphics is modified to make it optimized for GPU usage. I'm sure Klei will tell more about how to use this later, but for now be aware that layers seems to be important. That looks hard to implement using the current game mechanics. It would likely be much simpler to make it consist of two entities placed next to each other like how exosuit docks and checkpoints needs to be placed together. The game mechanics would then be that it has the open state where it shares the air with the outside world. This will allow free access for dublicants to walk in and out. The other major state is transfer state. The air is vacuum and it no longer allows dublicants to walk in and out from the outside world. However unlike open, it allows dublicants to walk from airlock to airlock. Other states would be creating the vacuum, in which the dublicants have to wait. This way the task for each airlock is much simpler. It only has to deal with the gasses from one side, meaning there is no issue regarding "should this gas go left or right". I'm not saying this will be simple to code, but it seems to me like it will avoid a number of coding issues compared to make it just a single building. While completely correct, the naming might make this misleading to people not familiar with the code. "anims" in this context means graphics and not just animations. In other words it's not possible to add still images either. The way some mods adds new graphics to the game is by using unused graphics left in the game and as such they do not actually add graphic even though it looks like they do to the player.
  7. Sry bruh, but i think, the letter "R" is better for it, then a "P" and the purple color is not really a thing, i would like to have on my hotbar..
  8. yo guys ... just map the rotate key to middle mouse button. Easy peezy
  9. This is like the 4th post with the same topic. We need to keep them forums clean. Here's the link to some of the previous ones (including mine)
  10. The whole game can be played without the mouse, except for clicking stuff. This has troubled me for a very long time. There is a super easy solution though; a click shortcut! I made a swell example of this in paint, I hope you all like it.
  11. Replace her entirely with Warbucks!
  12. Maxwell Memes: The Sequel

    By Atomic936
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  14. I also found that the door wouldn't close until the dupe finished mopping and moved off, whereas mesh does for some reason.
  15. ...I know I've managed to do it once, and I'm trying to remember how I did it. I'll get back to you on that.
  16. Last Speculations

    Fixed your quote in my reply.
  17. Thy could easily amke the custom settings into 5 levels of difficulty. Now they have "survival" a "no sweat" which would correspond to normal and easy respectively. They might add an very easy, hard and very hard as well just based on the settings. I think the original plan was to do it.
  18. Nerf airhorn dmg Hunger penalty for dashes
  19. Screenshot_20190425-161902.thumb.png.caa7298f79662ca59cefb742e9592536.png@ResettePlayerI want to thank you very much for these masterpieces!:wilson_blush:

  20. Nobody says you can`t use the fiber. I remember before the paintings costed fiber i would set up a farm or a drecko ranch for my exosuits and just leave it and end up having 800+ banked reeds towards the end game. No need to farm thimbe reed when you can just set up a drecko ranch for meat (or even repurpose a balm lilly farm when you stockpile enough flowers) then just set and forget. Let the reed fiber accumulate over time and once you reach the stars you should have enough to buld a fair bit of insulation.
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