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  2. I found that planetoids connected by the boundary(in the order of planetoid 1,2,3,4,5,6) and there is a invisible and non-penetrable tiles between them. I wonder what happened if I throw an item toward the boundary using automatic dispenser. However my item gonna be removed, not blocked by invisible tiles.
  3. There's an oxygen mask on the ground which contains oxygen. the amount of oxygen is dropping, but if i assign it to someone the oxygen stop dropping, even if the mask still on the ground and not used.
  4. +1 to bringing back food poisoning pukery and deadly slimelung, and an additional +1 for fire. Fire suppression systems would fit in perfectly with ONI's mechanics and add something to think about when designing certain rooms (labs, power rooms, etc). * New Diseases - Parasites. Found in wild pacu and crabs, and in the meat dropped by them. If infected meat rots in water, it releases the germs to infect other creatures. Ingested. Symptoms: the dupe consumes double calories until cured. - Hydrogen Microbubbles: Grows in hydrogen. Inhaled. Symptoms: increased temperature sensitivity. Also, the dupe occasionally swells up and starts floating into the air, then they burp and fall back to the ground. - Zombie spores: Yes please. * Variable temperature ranges for crops. - Tightening the range for low tier crops would make early game heat management far more important. - Tightening it dramatically for high-tier crops would make improved temperature regulation and a full mastery of the heat and cooling systems essential. - The original crops included the ability to grow faster when within an 'optimal' range, which was great since it encouraged sealed, climate-controlled greenhouses. * Optional habitat requirements for beasties. - Hatches: Need to sleep underground one cycle out of every 5 to remain happy, but they will sleep every cycle if allowed. - Dreckos: No change. Quite frankly, they're enough of a pain as is. Gas layering is tough. - Voles: Must be kept in near-vacuum at all times (take damage if exposed to standard atmospheric pressures). Additionally, please re-add the overcrowded debuff, vole meat farms kind of render all other meat farms redundant.
  5. This has been around for a long time. I think it may be a graphical/rendering issue? I'm on the current test build now (CS-440073) and it's still here: Before mining out the block below sand: And after: Note also how the air seems to stop around it the graphics seems to render it as if it were vacuum. Also, any items that were where the sand fell still show even though they should convert to "buried objects".
  6. Will there still be a place for the pre-DLC long range rockets, i.e. steam/petroleum/solid/hydrogen?
  7. Kind of a DST question, but what is this on my transaction page? I have a couple of them but I don't know what they are
  8. With the multi colony system in place, i wouldn't be surprised if they much much later on down the road add something so you can launch rockets and send them to another player ( Maybe a new use for the temporal tear? )
  9. This was my assumption at first, but I can see now that literally everything related to space in research tree is marked with "DLC content" tag. Maybe it just also covers the stuff that is changed in the base game update.
  10. thanks klei for updating the shop(hey i asked for them to update the shop on my christmas list and they actually did it. cool) me personally i would love to buy something klei related from the klei shop but i can't (the country i live in has little to no areas with access to credit/debit cards or paypal so....umm....hope everyone enjoys their klei merch!) hope everyone has a wonderful day or night wherever you are in the world
  11. Changed Status to Dupe Thanks for the report! We're tracking this one here:
  12. Changed Status to Dupe Thanks! This one is tracked here:
  13. The tooltip over the first cluster name contains the wrong text
  14. @mathmanican I think that would be a bit too much, given that especially the larger cone has quite a bit of room for those things. Having even a single plug point to allow liquid/gas/solid/power in and out of the cone would dramatically improve the situation, as then will have a much easier time designing the insides. ( no hamster wheel saves you quite a bit of space, and having a way to pump liquids/gasses in/out means you can more easily recycle the contents to prepare for the next flight )
  15. Wow! This worked wonders on what I'm trying to do! Thanks for the help, though I have one more question. If I wanted to do the freeze when I pressed a key instead of on a timer like it is in your code, how would I do so? Right now I have this TheInput:AddKeyDownHandler(304,fugg(inst)) But all this does is cause errors, because inst doesn't technically exist outside of a function, so then how do I declare it in this instance?
  16. Maybe you can ask a friend over there to help you buy it? i love white one
  17. This also occurs in the live version, but noticed it still being an issue in the preview. Sometimes some of the 'hidden' terain that is part of the hidden inside of a POI doesn't become visible, making it impossible to dig or build anything on that spot. In the save file there's a spot like this between the 2 geysers. The Burgeoning Facility.sav
  18. Randomly check my email and ... oh, wow. Welp. I know what I'm doing this week.
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  20. previously thought this was too rough to post but y'know, might be the best thing I've ever drawn. also a WIP Moreef
  21. This sounds completely reasonable. The rocket chair could take on any/all of the following: toilet/sink (no hand washing needed...) bed (regular cot) mess table oxygen diffuser/CO2 sucker (vents in oxygen from some storage facility / sucks out CO2/other gasses), though I think the oxylite option is a good one (though scrubbing CO2 in such a small space using huge machines needs to be dealt with). If the chair captured gasses (acted like a pump) but didn't suck in O2/PO2, that might work. The rocket could then expel all captured gasses upon landing (so they would be lost to space, or captured by the player who wants to design around this). With such a rocket chair, the inside of the cockpit can be decked out with things to improve life, rather than make sure your dupes don't go insane.... It definitely seems silly to have to expend this much effort, as this thread has shown, to just make sure your dupes can take care of basic needs. They are piloting a rocket. @Smife you are absolutely correct on this, IMO. I have no clue what the right fix is, but I'm sure we'll see something better in the near future.
  22. I really love the spider plush's, I had to go with the dangling depth dweller one.
  23. Changed Status to Known Issue Thanks for the report!
  24. It would be nice if we could assign the storage box as a stockpile, in the same area we checkbox for sweep only. I am not sure atm, if dupes can remove goods from boxes that are marked sweep only. But it would be nice if we could assign specific storage boxes the status of Stockpile, and the materials inside become unusable(unseeable). Being able to designate individual boxes gives players more options in colony management. I'd like to be able to keep dupes from using that store box I just filled with 50c granite to build cots with, for example. It would facilitate the distribution of resources about the colony. Smart store boxes would be ones you could assign temp thresholds to. A Resource Station, linked by auto, won't let dupes extract incorrect materials. Only the appropriate materials, from the appropriate location. Furthermore it would be nice to be able to assign temp thresholds to things we are building. As in, do not use materials with temps higher or lower than these sliders. A tool like this allows for multi-colony management functions. If these controls can be assigned at a colony wide level, all the better. If applicable across planetoids, and player owned territory then we begin to bring all of the disparate places, in some sort of unified assemblage.
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