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  2. I've done tons of ranching, and I've kept a stable population of 40 pacu inside a room before. You just need to remove the eggs and they'll be fine. Try it yourself if you don't believe me.
  3. In my experience eggs and fish count the same for both debuffs. Guess I know what I'm doing tonight instead of building a new version of a refinery plant.
  4. You are wrong sir. A critter cannot be cramped without an egg in the room. They get the OVERCROWDED debuff instead which leaves reproduction on. There are 2 debuffs involved: Cramped: Reproduction -100% Overcrowded: Happiness -5 (Does not affect reproduction)
  5. Because regardless of the eggs, there is a maximum amount of pacu in any "room". Yes, eggs will cause cramped sooner, but if you have 9 pacu in a 96 sized room, it will be just as cramped with 0 eggs as with 20.
  6. Yes, it would be. I had never even clicked on the thing before your post, I see now they require power and generate heat. I don't get what they do better than a door would. In fact they seem worse in every regards...
  7. There are sometimes errors on the Steam platform. I get the modes from different sites in such cases. Like this or this
  8. Checkpoint for supply

    Currently my dupes have broken vacuum rooms by carrying off-gas materials through the tubes. Slime carried by a dupe through a tube will off-gas if the check happens while in a vacuum room. The only way to do this is in the case of a material harboring germs.
  9. I've found one more method of stacked liquids breaking. This particular airlock broke when I opened an over-compressed room and one side temporarily had a pressure over 20kg of gas. it pushed the top liquid off the stack and broke the airlock.
  10. Again: This was an example for the OP to show that overcrowding limits the number of Pacu that will lay eggs. In this particular case, the pool stabilizes at 7 Pacu. The OP's tank will stabilize at 5 Pacu.
  11. dokinary's gallery

    smthng sketchy
  12. You have automation already, why not remove the offending eggs?
  13. With less than 40 tiles to build a heat exchanger, you can get nearly perfect heat recovery from counter flow heat exchange in a petroleum boiler. The boiler itself can be made using less than 20 tiles even including heat management. @Gamers Handbook it's not the question you asked, but, a petroleum boiler will probably fill your need, be easier to run reliably without intervention, and it's kind of naturally small like you asked. Sour gas condensers want to be big.
  14. May i ask which quote?
  15. The thing is, inside the caves, Wolly can never go insane due to complete darkness, his sanity doesn't drop in there, he loses sanity during surface daylight.
  16. Oh i'm more than well aware of this, but it still hurts my soul :,)
  17. Today
  18. One issue I've been running into is the "popped eardrums" debuff/stressor that happens when dupes transition between spaces of different air pressure. I've had trouble keeping track of it, because unlike every other debuff that my dupes experience, I can not flip on an overlay to easily see where there are issues. I think it would be very useful to add an overlay that shows the density of tiles.
  19. Didn't that start theories about WX-78 having a human inside of him or something
  20. I didn't really bother doing the math, mostly this turn I got super lucky with Caprice turning into Bulldoze, drawing Bolstered, 0 cost cards, and second winds. guess what I meant is it's easy to to do 30 damage in the first turn since I have several high damage cards and several ways to combo cards into each other. If I were to get lucky enough first turn, I could play Obtuse, Lucid Threaten, and Bolster all in a row to rack up 4 dominance, causing 21 free damage + 5-8 card damage + any damage from 0 cost cards like Pale Impression and Veiled Anger.
  21. Same,i got pretty disappointed tbh.
  22. Merm hats?

    For some odd reason,any interaction with merms other than attacking and examining is not possible with merms. But they re-use pigs' build and animations,so they can wear hats. I'm not sure if they're going to make Wurt able to do other interactions with merms that others characters can't.
  23. I remember way before Wormwood was introduced into DST, I thought that his "Hollow" skin was going to be this. It would've been very different, but very neat!
  24. you can find all predefined consolecommands within consolecommands.lua in scripts folder of the game To make sure it is indeed caused by the componentactions you can add this to modmain: AddComponentAction("USEITEM", "fuel", function(inst, doer, target, actions) -- this wont overwrite anything, it is just an additional check if not (doer.replica.rider ~= nil and doer.replica.rider:IsRiding()) or (target.replica.inventoryitem ~= nil and target.replica.inventoryitem:IsGrandOwner(doer)) then if inst.prefab ~= "spoiled_food" and inst:HasTag("quagmire_stewable") and target:HasTag("quagmire_stewer") and target.replica.container ~= nil and target.replica.container:IsOpenedBy(doer) then print("is returning without checking FUEL",inst) return end for k, v in pairs(GLOBAL.FUELTYPE) do if inst:HasTag(v.."_fuel") then if target:HasTag(v.."_fueled") then table.insert(actions, inst:GetIsWet() and ACTIONS.ADDWETFUEL or ACTIONS.ADDFUEL) print("ADDFUEL action should was added",inst) end return end end end print("end of function",inst) end) you can add more prints if neccessary. In case the action is not added to the actions table and you can not fix it by changing your previous code, you can also use the code above to simply add the action yourself. So lets assume this is called "print("is returning without checking FUEL",inst)", then you could simply remove the first part of the code above, to only have the "for ... FUELTYPE..." function in it. This will then be executed after the checks written in componentactions.lua and will add your action. (so AddComponentAction is only adding, not overwriting)
  25. i cant move

    i load in an i wont be able to move
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