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  2. Making darts far easier to craft should be enough I think, even if that means a nerf to damage.
  3. Why Are You Guys Quiet?

    Most of the islands have only one certain unique thing and you won't be coming back to revisit them after gaining that item. Warbucks removed for no reason. Some characters have disadvantages that can not be dealt with any way (like Wagstaff that can not go to Sick Rainforest without not being able to see or taking damage; or Webber that if he lives in Pig City and there is fog, he has to move slowly because Shamlet mask does not protect him from the fog) Higher price and less content than SW. No end-game dungeon like Ruins or Volcano. Quite useless items like Pherostone, Cork Barrel, Cork Bat and set of Tin Armor. But after all, I still find Hamlet enjoyable.
  4. Burning Desire to Incin(erate)
  5. Mod dont work and I dont know why....

    Yeah,I just found it out myself yesterday. What I do is to move them to local fn = function(inst). Sadly, it's not the only reason that makes my mod crash. I tried to compare it to another DS mode Wendi (without any unique ability except run faster) and make my code looks much more similar to Wendi's. I even try to just change all Wendi in code to Rin and replace all other files to Rin's files but it seems like it's not the way that DS work. BTW, will it be easier to just replace the tex,xml and zip files with Rin's files? The only thing I need from this DST mod is Rin's cuteness. More BTW, this experience will be a great example if I try to explain why shouldn't I change my program to computer science from psychology. More, more BTW, about that weird tilted. English is not my first language, so it is the only way I know to express my idea out. codes and log rin.rar
  6. Vortex cloak placement issue

    I get this bug too, but all the times when just wearing the cloak in general. I believe it's related to the particles the Cloak emits around the character, the particles themselves can block clicking as well as interrupt certain actions such as placing structures.
  7. Screenshot showcase

    More strokes of luck: And, on another note, here's me and Rosalina trying out the ne DLC for the first time: Whilst searching for a new world which did not have Twiggy Trees in the default generation, i stumbled across these:
  8. You just set it to 8 in a max size ranch. (for hatches)
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  10. I'm running beta DST v336171 on PC via Steam. When I have fed pig men and they are following me and see some food in the nearby ocean, they will try to walk to it forever, getting stuck on the shore line. They will continue even after the meat you gave them "runs out" and they are no longer attached to you, through the evening and night and through the next day. I made a gfycat to illustrate:
  11. Trash or incerator

    The IDE is just there to handle dependencies and code highlighting for you, you should be able to do it with just a text editor, 'make', Mono and the libraries listed in the tutorial for Visual Studio. You'll also have to find a C# decompiler for Ubuntu to look at the game code. Anyhow, sounds like a good mod idea, I might look into it when I'm not swamped with IRL stuff, but that could take months to resolve... EDIT: Look for Rimworld modding tutorials on Linux, it uses a similar modding system plus some XML stuff which you should ignore for ONI. A cursory google search turned up this page, according to which MonoDevelop seems to be the IDE to use on Linux.
  12. The mechanics of this game are a bit confusing and counter intuitive at times. But I don't think the critter sensor works the way you think it works. It is a greater than/less than sensor. Below videos explains it, I time stamped it to the relevant spot. Oh and just to add to the below a critter sensor also counts eggs as a critter, you need to bear that in mind when designing your automation.
  13. xXxBaseDestroyerWILLOWmain69xXx
  14. Hello, Nice work for Oxygen Not Included Klei Team and modders! I am on Linux(Ubuntu) and i was looking to mod this game but i didn't find a linux way or a tutorial to do it. Everything is talking about Visual Studio, this monstruous IDE using a lot of space to make just a little mod... It look like making a the fire-thrower to light a candle So it's my idea: Make a device to remove items ingame like Balm Lily flower or artefact(got by rocket)
  15. Wilson is having a seizure asmr roleplay
  16. Dory is faking it god damn it. there's no way she has recent memory loss when she can clearly remember the ship that sailed near her It's not a special necessity. Ya need a hambat? just place down an alchemy engine or carry some in bundling wraps. Ya need a book? well just use a manure ton of papyrus to mass craft them all at once. It's not difficult, It's just annoying to deal with.
  17. I just added new indicators for hunger and sanity. Those are turned off by default, so you have to head to the settings to turn them on. Have fun!
  18. Hello @ChameleonH814, welcome to the forums. There is no betacode to enter. Simply select the returnofthembeta from the betas tab. How to access the Return of Them BETA Branch: Close DST if it is running In Steam click on Library > Games. Scroll down to Don't Starve Together. Right-click, select Properties. Go to the BETAS tab. In the dropdown, select the "returnofthembeta" branch. You may need to restart Steam to see this branch. In that same properties window, go to the Local Files tab and press Verify Integrity Of Game Files. Your game will be updated to the beta version. Run the game and go to Browse Games. You should see servers which are running the beta. Have fun!
  19. Maxwell Memes: The Sequel

    When you actually contribute something to the team instead of being a useless leech:
  20. I'm running beta DST v336171 on PC via Steam. When the hounds come and you are near the edge of the world on a boat, they get stuck outside. I recorded a gfy to illustrate:
  21. Hello, I got a message when i build a AND gate behind a steam turbine. It don't disturb the AND gate(it work normally)
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