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[Game Update] - 550759

Release Date: 03/30/23

Update Information:


Hi friends,

Welcome to the Whatta Blast! update.

Notable additions for both base game and Spaced Out! Include lots of new meteor-shower play, a new way to receive cosmetic skins—aka blueprints—and a paleontology-themed story trait we think you'll really dig. (Couldn't resist.)

We've got a new ONI short out, too!


Meteor shower intensity can now be adjusted in the new game settings. We've also added a new Meteor Blaster building to blow incoming meteors to smithereens when they get within range. Aside from the obvious fun of shooting things down in a spray of sparkles, this keeps your colony's surface setup from being damaged. 

The projectiles for this building are produced at the Blastshot Maker, which can be operated by Duplicants with the new Pyrotechnics skill. 

Some Duplicants get extra hyped about meteor showers! These Duplicants possess the new Rock Fan trait, which increases all of their attributes by +3 when there's a meteor shower in progress. 

Timed Blueprint Drops!

This update introduces weekly blueprint drops that unlock at randomized time intervals during gameplay. We're starting with 3 individual items per week and you should get everything within 6 hours—these numbers will likely be adjusted in the future. You can check the drop counter on the Klei Rewards page to see how many you have left! Don't forget to redeem your Klei Rewards crate while you're there. 

To claim the Klei Rewards crate: Click on “Supply Closet” in the Main Menu, and hit the “Claim Blueprints'' button to navigate to the Klei Rewards webpage. Once you've redeemed your crate, you can view your collection of blueprints in your online inventory or in-game, in your Supply Closet. 


There's an unidentified new critter in the colony. The catch? It's been dead for a very, very long time! But with careful excavation and inspection of the fossils it left behind, your Duplicants can glean key info about where it came from...and what might be waiting for them out there in the galaxy. Plus, assembling the full skeleton for study unlocks a deep cache of resources. 

New meteor shower-related buildings, traits and skills! Fresh new blueprints unlocked while you play! A fossil story trait and a new short! We've also squashed some bugs and fixed a few crashes.

If your mods are breaking or you need a little extra time before switching over, you can opt in to the temporary, unsupported Previous Update branch.

Let us know what you think. Bug reports can be submitted here and feedback right here. We read it all, and appreciate it more than you know. 

Full patch notes:



  • All versions
    • Added Ancient Specimen story trait.
    • Added playtime-based cosmetic skin drops.
    • Added new cosmetic skins.
    • Added Meteor Blaster building.
    • Added Blastshot Maker building.
    • Added Meteor Showers custom game settings.
    • Added Rock Fan trait.
    • Added Pyrotechnics skill which allows Blastshot Making.
  • Spaced Out! only
    • New meteors
      • Ice Meteor
      • Snow Meteor
      • Oxylite Meteor
      • Slime Meteor
      • Dust Fluff Meteor
      • Algae Meteor
      • Phosphoric Meteor
    • New meteor shower types found on certain asteroids (does not affect existing saves)
      • Ice Meteor Shower
      • Oxylite Meteor Shower
      • Uranium Meteor Shower
      • Slimy Meteor Shower
    • Meteor showers now can be seen on the Starmap traveling to a destination asteroid, and can be identified with a telescope.
    • Added a variety of meteor showers to different asteroids. These meteor showers are less intense and less frequent than those in the base game. 
      • Classic Style start asteroid - Ice, Copper, Oxylite
      • Classic Style nearby asteroid - Gold, Iron
      • Spaced Out! Style nearby world without a teleporter - Oxylite
      • Spaced Out! Style nearby world with a teleporter - Copper, Ice, Slimy
      • Regolith Asteroid - Regolith (existing), Ice, Iron
      • Radioactive Ocean - Uranium
      • Metallic Swampy - Slimy, Gold
      • Desolands - Ice
      • Frozen Forest - Oxylite

Changes and Improvements

  • All versions
    • Renamed Comets to Meteors.
    • Meteors can be destroyed using the sandbox Destroy tool.
    • Main menu and Supply Locker now show notifications when you have unclaimed Klei Rewards.
    • Supply Closet “Check Shipments” button renamed to "Claim Blueprints" and is now disabled if none are available.
    • Improved Load Game menu tooltips when trying to load base game saves with Spaced Out! DLC activated and vice versa. Added a mini ONI logo to base game saves.
    • Adjusted Change Recipe arrow toggle layout in fabricators' selected recipe UI.
  • Spaced Out! only
    • Changed "Dupe-made Ballistics" to "Interplanetary Payloads" on Space Scanner object detection list, to avoid conflation with Blastshot.
    • Changed Trailblazer Lander and Rover's Lander to be able to land on 1 tile.
    • Revised Fullerene Meteor artwork.
    • Minor adjustments to Fullerene Meteor Shower.
    • Selecting an asteroid on the Starmap now lists potential types of meteor showers for that asteroid.


  • All versions
    • Fixed an issue where critters would sometimes freeze if a Duplicant tried to use their previous Grooming Station when there were no other eligible critters inside that room.
    • Cleared yellow alert on clothing assignment.
    • Fixed an issue where replacing backwall tiles would cause liquid/gas to leak in space.
    • Fixed Duplicants getting stuck operating an Oil Well if it gets disabled mid-task. 
    • Fixed Drywall edges not lining up visually when rotated. 
    • Meteors once again fall from above the buildable area of an asteroid.
    • Fixed a bug where Duplicants would be displayed in Atmo Suits after opening fabricator side screens.
    • Fixed crash that could occur when manually unequipping a suit while a Duplicant is already in the process of unequipping a suit at a suit checkpoint.
    • Fixed bounding box of Dream Journal being larger than the artwork.
    • Fixed a bug where some effects like the disinfect cloud were visible from another asteroid in the black void.
    • Fixed crash when loading unofficial translations using smart quotes or ellipses.
    • Fixed issue causing incorrect rendering at world boundary when running on OpenGL.
    • Fixed an issue allowing dead Duplicants to satisfy task skill requirements.
    • Fixed issue preventing the "Drag Straight" shortcut from properly limiting a tool's area of effect. This also fixed an edge case issue with the Disconnect tool.
    • Optimizations
      • Reduced memory usage when loading animations when the game starts.
      • Reduce memory usage of the animation data. 
      • Improved worldgen speed.
    • Modding:
      • Remove TagBits and its last remaining uses. 
      • Fixed an issue with WearableAccessorizer serialization causing some modded saves to crash on load even when mods are disabled.
      • Renamed worldgen template spawning rules "optional" flag to "ignoreIfMissingTag" which is only used in DistanceFromTag tagcommands. In order to not break existing worldgen mods, it is assumed that AtStart tags on worlds without a starting template can be skipped.
  • Base game only
    • Fixed Duplicants returning from a space mission not visually displaying their Atmo Suit.
  • Spaced Out! only
    • Fixed a stutter that occurs in the starmap.
    • Fixed an issue where the unbuildable area above an asteroid was incorrect on some asteroids.
    • Fixed Duplicants exiting a Trailblazer Lander wearing a suit not displaying correctly.
    • Rockets will now be shown in the unbuildable zone while they are launching or landing, and will go out of the screen instead of being cut out by the red zone.
    • Fixed an issue preventing Duplicants spawned using the sandbox Spawn Tool from triggering the “visited” state on a world.
    • Fixed potential crash returning to the main menu when viewing the Starmap.
    • Fixed crash when trying to land a lander near the edge of the asteroid.

Changes since last public testing update:


All versions

  • Updated Chinese and Russian localizations.
  • Added portal wave looping sound to gift drop screen

Spaced Out! only

  • Added meteor shower sound on the starmap
  • Fixed a stutter that occurs in the starmap.
  • Fixed crash when trying to land a lander near the edge of the asteroid.
  • Fixed an issue where sometimes more than one meteor shower would spawn at the same time.
  • Fixed Landers being able to land overlapping buildings.


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