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[Game Update] - 290148

Release Date: 10/17/18

Update Information:


After their first exciting foray into space the Duplicants have been eager to learn more about the universe in which they live. Their dedicated space research has brought on a wave of technological innovation, and using the rocketry advancements now at their disposal the Duplicants can fly further into the unknown than ever before. They might even bring some strange new things back for their trouble!

Introducing: Oxygen Not Included - Space Industry Upgrade!

What's New?
An expanded starmap means Duplicants can venture even further out into space, reaching far off locations until now unseen where several powerful new materials are waiting to be collected.

Key Features

  • New Rocketry options for more ways to get into space
    • Steam Engine and Liquid Hydrogen Engine for increased rocket power
    • Solid Fuel Thrusters to improve rocket thrust
    • Research Modules to gather research data from space
  • Expanded Space Destinations with rare materials
    • Larger space map
    • New destination types
    • Space research, which reveals artifacts and materials
  • New surface-dwelling creature
    • Shove Vole can now be found on the surface, munching Regolith and waiting for your love!
  • Advanced material fabrication pushes the limits of physics
    • New Molecular Forge converts rare materials into industrial supermaterials
    • New Thermium, used as an industrial super conductor material
    • New industrial-grade Insulation
    • New Fullerene-based Super Coolant
    • Gelatinous, kinetic energy-dampening Visco-Gel
  • Jet Suits enable extreme Duplicant mobility
    • Duplicants take to the air in new Jet Suits!
    • Jet Suit Checkpoints and Lockers added for Jet Suit management
  • Revised late-game research
    • Telescopes can now analyze Starmap destinations
    • Research Modules produce Data Banks during rocket missions
    • New Virtual Planetarium turns Data Banks into research
  • Rocketry automation allows for larger, more dynamic spaceports
    • Command Modules are now automatable
    • Space Scanners can signal incoming rockets as well as detect meteor showers
  • And more!
    • Neural Vacillator recharges
    • Robo-Miner buildings for automatic digging

What's Next?
As mentioned in the previous update, we will be shifting gears for the next while. Please read the Updated Roadmap for full details and discussion!

Thank you to everyone who participating in our open testing branch, we hope you enjoy your improved journeys to space!

Frequently Asked Questions


What are the system requirements?
Specs are likely to change, but currently these are the requirements we have. It is highly recommended that you do not purchase if you aren't over this spec as we may have to raise the spec in the future. 

  • OS: Windows 7 64 bit or Windows 8 64 bit or Windows 10 64 bit
  • Processor: I5 2.0 GHz Dual core(or AMD equivalent)
  • Memory: 4 GB RAM
  • Graphics: Intel HD 4600 (AMD or NVIDIA equivalent)
  • DirectX: Version 11
  • Storage: 1.5 GB available space

How often can we expect new updates while you're in EA?
All new content is being released as part of our regular game Upgrades every eight weeks. Check the update timer in the main menu to see how long to go until the next update!

Is there OSX support for this game?

What about other platforms(consoles/mobile)?
There are no plans to support any other platforms at this time.

I found a bug/have a suggestion. What should I do?
Come let us know about it on the forums!

Will there be multiplayer?
There are currently no plans to add multiplayer.







Change List:

New Features:

  • New rocket modules: Steam Engine, Hydrogen Engine, Oxidizer Tank, Research Module, Solid Boosters.
  • New Space research: Interstellar Research points, Telescopes now analyze space destinations.
  • New space materials: Niobium, Isoresin, and Fullerene
  • New composites: Supercoolant, Superconductor, Superinsulator, and Visco Gel
  • New Jet Suits and Jet Suit infrastructure.
  • New building : Robo-Miner.
  • New critter: The Shove Vole.
  • Neural Vacillator art update and recharging pods

Full Changelist:

  • "No Room" tooltips specifies current and required room size.
  • Added Gas Bottler sound effects.
  • Added a unique icon for colony lacks job status.
  • Added additional space destinations.
  • Added alternate cheek colours for Duplicants.
  • Added background music to Starmap.
  • Added command module sound effects.
  • Added conveyor In/Out sound effects.
  • Added damaged state for rockets.
  • Added filter to Research screen to make it easier to find specific category or building research.
  • Added fish relocator sounds.
  • Added Gassy Moo sound effects.
  • Added highest expectation value to minion widget tooltip in role screen.
  • Added Hydrogen and Steam Rocket engines.
  • Added space tourists Duplicants.
  • Added unknown space destinations.
  • Starmap UI updates.
  • Space destinations are saved rather than regenerated from seed every load.
  • Telescope or debug mode are required to unlock Starmap and destinations.
  • Adjusted tuning of Solid Conductor so that it is actually the best conductor.
  • Building hit point bars are visible again.
  • Building status items are now centered.
  • Bunker doors no longer need to be unsealed before deconstruction.
  • Can now prioritize creature lures.
  • Cargo bay uses solid conduit.
  • Moved conduit outputs to Rocket module centers.
  • Comet detector can optionally detect specific rockets through new side screen.
  • Rocket launch is automatable through command module.
  • Rocket thrust/fuel balance adjusted to take oxidizer into account.
  • Building mass is now the sum of all construction materials types, not just the first.
  • Comet detectors no longer have a 'none' option.
  • Comets no longer destroy bunker tiles.
  • Command module will send an output signal when the checklist is all green to support automated launch of Rockets.
  • Conduit bridges should no longer overheat.
  • Contents of Rocket fuel tanks can be dumped using the side screen.
  • Cycling the autorepair button in debug mode will now repair the building.
  • Deconstruct drops all the materials used in construction, rather than just the first.
  • Comets leave trails of hot gas.
  • Decor effect range now also accounts for building rotation.
  • Dig effects render on top of the world.
  • Disable status effects reactions when Duplicates are in transit tubes.
  • Discovering new items automatically adds them to tree filterable lists.
  • Diseases can no longer grow in vacuums.
  • Display Night Owl bonus correctly.
  • Duplicants will remember conversations about completed buildings.
  • Duplicants with bladders fuller than 60% will not immediately use toilets after red alerts are complete.
  • Duplicants are now required to remove their helmets while using transit tubes.
  • Duplicants wearing suits will always drop their suit when passing a checkpoint whose clearance is set to ‘Always’ regardless of suit type.
  • Duplicants now walk a reasonable distance when idle.
  • Element converter no longer over consumes if multiple inputs match a tag.
  • Fixed crash in Custom game settings editor window.
  • Fixed crash when Duplicants fall out of world.
  • Fixed crash when hovering the assignable screen during Rocket launch.
  • Fixed crash when selecting Duplicants while displaying attributes.
  • Fixed crash when trying to free an astronaut from Rockets.
  • Fixed crashes in the debug build menu when low on resources .
  • Fixed element tag string resolution issue.
  • Fixed navigation grids wrapping around the world.
  • Fixed Slickster codex title.
  • Fixed tiling on atmo suit marker when it is flipped.
  • Fixed a crash in comets.
  • Fixed a layer issue with the sink.
  • Fixed crash when comets emit smoke.
  • Fixed crash when Transfer arm picks up a piece of Ore.
  • Fixed Duplicants not going to eat at a table on auto assignment.
  • Fixed Liquid Storage tanks meters displaying full when only 2/3 full.
  • Fixed logic wire layering so that it's always in front of regular wires.
  • Fixed out of date tooltip referencing level increase causing expectation increase.
  • Fixed Pacu eggs being laid outside of the world if the tile at the origin was magma.
  • Fixed some animation popping that was occurring when Duplicants finished doing a task.
  • Fixed the placebo pill description not being fully translatable.
  • Fuel tank capacity should now be properly displayed in starmap screen when using multiple fuel tanks.
  • Gantry can be connected by heavy-watt wires.
  • Generators are only considered connected when a wire is fully constructed.
  • Improved codex strings.
  • Improved Duplicant eating mouth animations.
  • Lower very hard calorie penalty.
  • LowTemp/HighTemp ore transition states can be specified on all element states.
  • Metal and Plastic tiles only add their mass to the world once.
  • Non-wranglable critters no longer list Wrangle as a capture method.
  • Only the first schedule has an alarm by default.
  • Schedules say whether or not the alarm is on in their title bar.
  • Refresh main menu.
  • Remove repeating string in food/decor benefit tooltip.
  • Rocket Cargo bay must be empty before launch.
  • Rocket modules are not selectable during flight.
  • Rocket modules have very limited thermal conductivity.
  • Rocket research modules have a chance to return with a Neural Vacillator Recharge.
  • Selected input boxes no longer respond to hot keys.
  • Show a hat icon when a status item says "no one is assigned to a role".
  • Solid tiles now melt.
  • Rocket engines now require Oxidizer tanks for launch.
  • Revised Rocket distance calculations.
  • Side screens allow players to specific how full Rocket fuel tanks should be.
  • Rocket command module requires an exo suit in storage for launch.
  • Stored Duplicates display their proper name and preserve their schedule.
  • Sulfur can now be stored.
  • Supercoolant can go to almost zero before freezing.
  • Switch order of Survival and No Sweat mode in select screen.
  • Telescopes are used to research space destinations.
  • The AC cools things to 1K.
  • Toilets can be flipped horizontally.
  • Fix the transition elements for superconductor.
  • Updated credits.
  • Updated Duplicants animations for Centrifuge.
  • Updated hats for Astronaut jobs.
  • Updated Russian strings.
  • Updated save/load screens.
  • Updated Steel icon art.
  • Updated Title Theme.
  • Upgrade to Unity 2018.2.7f1.
  • Using sandbox tools or debug tools to cool an overheated building should no longer tell you the building is still overheated.
  • Wash sink fills up.
  • Space Scanners can be used to monitor incoming rockets.
  • Telescopes produce Data Discs, which can be processed at Virtual Planetariums.
  • Changed draw order of water material.
  • Prevent flickering when transitioning between Molten steel and steel gas.
  • Gantry is now made of steel.
  • Gantry has much higher damage and melting temperatures
  • Wheezeworts could sometimes emit gasses that were supposed to come from other objects, i.e. Rockets, which should no longer happen
  • Fix water rendering over glass tiles and doors..
  • Fix buildings claiming to be generating heat even after they had stopped.
  • Fix dupes were picking up ore further away than is necessary.
  • Fix crash in Rocket launch manager
  • Fix crash in older saves with custom game settings
  • Duplicants no longer cheer for an entire cycle when debug unlocking research
  • Duplicants don't spend all day reacting to cells being dug out
  • Gantry defaults to extended when no logic wire connected
  • Fix crash when Duplicants have nothing to converse about
  • Gantry can be manually controlled while not connected to an automation wire.
  • Gantry status item updated to indicate extended state and manual vs. automation control.
  • Thicker conductive wires so they are more visible behind automation wires
  • Robo-Miner and auto-sweeper now function underwater.
  • Fixed eating and conversation mouth flap.
  • Abyssalite is categorized as other so it can still be stored in storage lockers
  • Buildings should no longer look like they're running after a Duplicant walks away.
  • Rockets no longer disappear when animating off and onto the world
  • The deconstruct tool should only re-prioritize those things in active layers.
  • Health bars are correctly flipped for flippable buildings
  • Liquid Conditioner is no longer invincible
  • New Database entries added
  • High-end materials can now be used as Raw Metal as well as Refined Metal.
  • Increased the Overheat temperatures for the new metallic elements
  • More elements can be used on the Temp Shift Plate
  • "Simple Tastes" and "Gourmet" modifiers are correctly applied now
  • Pipes and Vents can now go all the way to the edge of the map
  • Showers once again consume/produce water
  • Dupes will no longer continually try to return a suit if chores on the other side of the dock have lower priority.
  • Surface POI should no longer get destroyed by meteors
  • Regolith Meteors now only stack regolith to a certain depth.
  • Meteors do less ground damage overall, preventing premature surface destruction
  • Reduced the mass of Regolith meteors by about half
  • Fix pathfinding underwater when passing a suit checkpoint
  • Construction material is properly auto-selected in Sandbox/Debug
  • Breath/Fuel bars will no longer turn on after viewing an overlay
  • Add Steam Engine sound effects
  • Ore is now merged into the world if it's buried under the same element, i.e. regolith ore getting buried in a regolith tile is absorbed into the tile
  • Loose ore now exchanges heat with the tile beneath it, even if it's not in a vacuum
  • Rockets will not launch if their path to space is obstructed
  • Conduits no longer kill all disease inside them
  • Revised art on Liquid Storage
  • Gas and Liquid elements now have proper colours in the codex and recipes
  • Fixed stretched side screen for refinery buildings
  • New Gas Emptier art
  • Command Module no longer fetches infinite suits
  • Steam and Hydrogen engines are no longer stackable
  • Attachable buildings (i.e. rocket parts) now show a proper warning if they can't be placed
  • Research screen search filter updates in realtime, searches descriptions as well as names
  • Telescope is no longer a research station; used to analyze space destinations
  • Basic Rocketry no longer requires orange research points
  • Ore from the Oxylite Refinery appears on the correct layer
  • Objects such as Egg Shells will stack correctly if they are created on a tile already containing that object
  • Duplicant chatter won't get stuck talking about the same thing
  • Duplicants won't compliment each-other's work more than once per 100s
  • Duplicants won't comment on Oxygen every time a tile is dug
  • Fix a crash when opening the build menu in debug/sandbox mode
  • Updated Solid Booster description to properly mention the use of iron
  • Art revisions for most of the rocket modules
  • Adjusted research tuning of space tech
  • Adjusted space research speed
  • Research Modules generate 10 Data Banks per trip even if the destination has no more research items
  • Added another planet at the first distance (world gen required)
  • Distant unanalyzed planets are hidden until closer ones are discovered
  • Fix Solid Booster not actually generating thrust
  • Reduce fuel amount of Solid Booster
  • Solid Boosters are stackable for diminishing returns
  • Fix crash when enqueueing a recipe at a refinery building
  • Building exhaust temperature should no longer cause cooling to nearby cells
  • Further pass on element colours
  • Added meters to various rocket modules
  • Dupes will no longer get stuck in an infinite yuck/ouch loop if they overheating while eating infected food
  • Baby Drecko can no longer sneak through closed doors
  • Solar Panel animations play correctly when there's no light
  • Oil Refinery is now flippable
  • Fix Ranchers getting stuck if they can't reach a drop point set to auto-wrangle
  • Duplicant health bars will be always visible if they are below 80% health
  • Fix selected object description not updating on select
  • Fix crash when duplicant AI is searching for fetchable items
  • Sleeping in any kind of bed slowly restores Dupe health
  • Dupes will stop a recreational task immediately at night if they already have the bonus for that task
  • Updated Auto Miner artwork
  • Fix crash if an item is destroyed while a Duplicant is determining if they can move to it
  • Dig Beam from Auto Miner correctly reaches the target cell
  • Assignment screen loads just a little faster
  • Fix crash when deconstructing a Command Module with a dupe still inside
  • Rockets will now damage any gantries that have not been retracted
  • Fix visual layering of Transfer Arm
  • Dupes take off their hats when eating
  • New art for Fossil, Sulfur elements
  • Revised Gas Bottler sounds
  • Fix Transfer Arms being "unable to reach" objects that the Dupes dropped
  • Replacement wires no longer invisible after a save/load
  • Fix crash if too large of an ore chunk gets buried
  • Updated Neural Vacillator and Recharge artwork
  • Updated Database entries

Final Testing Patch

These are the changes present in this release since the last update to the testing branch:

  • Space Destinations are no longer generated with every rare element already discovered
  • Fix visual layering of Transfer Arm
  • Dupes take off their hats when eating
  • New art for Fossil, Sulfur elements
  • Revised Gas Bottler sounds
  • Fix Transfer Arms being "unable to reach" objects that the Dupes dropped
  • Replacement wires no longer invisible after a save/load
  • Voles will hide during meteor showers
  • Fix missing string on Liquid Fuel Tank
  • Updated Vole animations
  • Fix crash if too large of an ore chunk gets buried
  • Updated Neural Vacillator and Recharge artwork
  • Updated Database entries
  • Voles can no longer pass through ground or tiles made of refined metals or abyssalite
  • Fix Petroleum colour in pipes
  • Updated Vole description
  • Voles now appear as a buried object while burrowed

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If you run into a bug, please visit the Klei Bug Tracker.

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