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[Game Update] - 260847

Release Date: 03/21/18

Update Information:


It's been a hard six weeks of survival for our poor stranded Duplicants, but something adorable is on the horizon that's sure to make them smile - Critter Ranching! With new tools at their disposal our Duplicants can interact with critters in a variety of cute and helpful ways. Will Hatches become Dupe's best friend? Is there enough grooming in the world to make a Puft smell good? What DO Shine Bugs eat? 

These questions and more can be answered in Oxygen Not Included: Ranching Upgrade Mark I!

Wait... What's "Mark I"?

Our team has a lot of ideas for where we want to take creatures in Oxygen Not Included... So many ideas, in fact, that they couldn't all fit into one upgrade! This means that Mark I is just the first of two Upgrades (the next being "Mark II"), which will have the same development cycle and release another 6 weeks from now with even more critter-related content for the game.

Releasing two part upgrades in this way gives us time to fully flesh out more complex ideas, iterate on existing content, and try out new things... and while we can't reveal all of what will be in the remaining half of the upgrade, we can say that it will increase the depth of critter loops and utility, and will further build on the mechanical foundations laid in this half of the upgrade. (And maybe there'll be a new species...)

So What's New in Mark I?

Critter Ranching

Critter ranching allows you to interact with critters in a variety of new ways and integrate them into the daily routine of your colony. Duplicants, particularly those employed as Ranchers, can care for Hatches, Shine Bugs, and Pufts to increase their happiness, farm additional resources from them, and even breed new critters for your herd.

Key Features

  • Critter Wrangling: Use the new Wrangle tool and your Ranchers can capture critters alive and move them around your base! No traps required.
  • Critter Care: Tons of new buildings and systems have been implemented to keep your precious critters happy, healthy, and most importantly productive.
    • Needs and Conditions: Each critter species has specific needs that must be met in order to maintain their health and comfort. Temperature, atmosphere, and food needs will all need to be met in order to keep a critter happy, and a happy critter is a productive one!
    • Critter Feeders: Critters are hungry little guys and now have calorie stores just like Duplicants. They'll need to eat regularly in order to stay alive, but luckily feeding them has never been easier! Just pop a bit of unused stone into a Critter Feeder and watch a Hatch munch away!
    • Grooming Stations: Clip those claws, unmatt that fur, and shine those shells! Critters appreciate it when their handlers keep them in tip top shape, so be sure to build a fewer grooming station and let the primping begin!
  • New Ranching Job: This new job comes with a boost to the newly introduce Ranching attribute, and will teach Duplicants the art of wrangling critters in the wild for capture (no traps required!). Dupes who learn the Ranching trade will also be able to use a Grooming Station to give their livestock's happiness a boost from time to time.
  • Critter Reproduction: New reproduction cycles means you can ranch critters to increase their numbers. Raise a flock of twenty Pufts!
    • Happiness: You know, they say "Happiness is a warm Hatch." Well, Happiness is the new metric by which you can see how well your critters are cared for. Creatures with high happiness will not only produce more useful products, but they may even feel comfortable enough to lay some new eggs!
    • Eggs! When a critter's Reproduction stat reaches 100, they will now lay a brand new delicious adorable critter egg. These eggs can be immediately cooked and ravenously eaten raised with the utmost care to produce new critters, allowing you to increase the size of your lovable critter herd.
    • Incubators: Build an Incubator to ensure all your critter eggs are safe, secure, and most importantly, warm. These Incubators are equipped with ideal settings for each known species of critter egg, so go ahead, set it and forget it! (But make sure a Rancher is on hand to oversee the hatching!)

And More!

  • New Database: A new encyclopedia has been added to connect you to a wealth of knowledge about foods, plants, animals, elements, systems... you get the idea! View all stats and functions for buildings and creatures at any time to plan your base to absolute perfection. And who knows? Some mysterious entries may appear from time to time, too...
  • Priority System Tweaks: The "Priorities" screen has been split from the Jobs screen into its own menu and can be used to manage individual Duplicants' priorities. Colony priorities have been replaced with a new "Sub-Priorities" button, which can still be used to set the importance of pending tasks but will be overridden by individual Dupe priorities.
  • 18 New Geyser Types: Tons of new points of interest have erupted onto the scene!
    • Geysers, Fumaroles, Volcanoes, Fissures
    • Copper, Iron, Gold, Co2, Hydrogen and more
    • Both cool and hot temperatures
    • Explore and find them all!
  • Performance Enhancements!
  • Tons of bug fixes, rebalances, QOL additions, and more!

Finally, we'd like to say a big thank-you to everyone who played the Ranching Mark I Upgrade Preview, submitted crash and bug reports, and gave your feedback in our Suggestions Forum. We're always grateful to hear your thoughts and thank you for the time spent playing our game.

We hope you enjoy Ranching Mark I!

Frequently Asked Questions


What are the system requirements?
Specs are likely to change, but currently these are the requirements we have. It is highly recommended that you do not purchase if you aren't over this spec as we may have to raise the spec in the future. 

  • OS: Windows 7 64 bit or Windows 8 64 bit or Windows 10 64 bit
  • Processor: I5 2.0 GHz Dual core(or AMD equivalent)
  • Memory: 4 GB RAM
  • Graphics: Intel HD 4600 (AMD or NVIDIA equivalent)
  • DirectX: Version 11
  • Storage: 1.5 GB available space

How often can we expect new updates while you're in EA?
All new content is being released as part of our regular game Upgrades every six weeks. Check the update timer in the main menu to see how long to go until the next update!

Is there OSX support for this game?

What about other platforms(consoles/mobile)?
There are no plans to support any other platforms at this time.

I found a bug/have a suggestion. What should I do?
Come let us know about it on the forums!

Will there be multiplayer?
There are currently no plans to add multiplayer.




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Change List:


  • Added Rancher and Senior Rancher roles
  • Ranchers can Wrangle some creatures to catch them without traps
  • Ranch Station allows Ranchers to tend to creatures
  • Added Creature Pen room type
  • Creature Relocator made in to a lower-tier building
  • Creatures now eat to replenish their calories and will die if they starve
  • Wild creatures can be "tamed" via tending to increase output
  • Creatures no longer convert food to poop 1:1
  • Creatures have a "Happiness" meter that Ranchers can improve by tending
  • Creatures have a "Fertility" meter that increases when they are happy
  • Happy creatures lay eggs (Hatch, Puft, Slickster, Shine Bug)
  • Omellette recipe
  • New Incubator building for egg hatching
  • Animal Feeder building for delivering food to your livestock
  • New geyser types added to worldgen, producing a variety of gasses, liquids, and molten solids at different temperatures
  • Tenured Scientists can study geysers to determine their eruption and dormancy periods
  • Duplicant Errand Priorities can now be controlled at a base-wide level
  • Errands screen replaced with Priorities screen
  • Added the Database, where you can view detailed information on just about any thing in the game
  • Names and concepts that appear in Pink Text are now clickable and go to the Database
  • "Hint" messages now have an option to not show again

Fixes and Upgrades

  • Cleaning toilet ignores building assignment, so it works in the medbay
  • Repairning ignores building assignment
  • Elements will correctly not sublimate in containers that forbid it
  • Thermal Switch max temperature increased to 300
  • Eating at the table plays sound effects
  • Fixed power consumption amounts in Reports to be accurate
  • Moved Berry Sludge recipe to the end of the list
  • Added missing hat/hair images
  • Fix a crash that could occur when an object was destroyed
  • Flatulence no longer affects Dupes in exosuits
  • Fix a crash that could occur when ore was melting
  • Fixed {Item} showing in duplicant statuses
  • Improved wording of "Errands X could perform here" hovercard
  • Fix a crash in Utility Network when shutting down the game
  • debug_enable.txt can now be in either the Data directory or the root game directory
  • Re-ordered build menu to account for categories being unlocked by tech
  • Jobs screen uses space more efficiently
  • Solid Conveyor no longer sealed, so elements can melt/sublimate
  • Decrease the storage size of deoxydizers and terrariums
  • Pathfinding improvements
  • Improved Calorie calculation performance
  • Filled in many missing building descriptions
  • Medical pills will stack
  • Improve disease transfer performance
  • Sand/Snow fall at the end of worldgen instead of on the first frame of the game, improving startup time and preventing accidental hatch deaths
  • Temperature transfer performance improvements
  • Gas/Liquid transfer performance improvements
  • Fix Assignment screen not showing assigned dupes
  • Listbox widgets now scroll properly when the UI is scaled
  • Auto Sweeper can move ore even if it's not accessible by a duplicant
  • Outhouse cleaning no longer emergency priority after a save/load
  • No longer show icons for pickupables marked for Sweep once they're picked up
  • Prevent solids melting into mesh tiles
  • Ensure little heart shows up in Jobs screen when it's supposed to
  • Gopher lists Athletics as a relevant attribute
  • Pending roles save/load correctly
  • Give Hauling dupes experience for all fetches
  • Updated Conveyor boxes
  • Change Death notification sound
  • Uncultured dupes can't have an Art interest
  • Duplicants will auto-empty farm fertilizer of the wrong kinds when plants are planted
  • Fix bug where two different gasses could trade mass
  • Fix a crash that could occur when tending to plants
  • Improve performance of the Jobs screen
  • The Kg display on storages rounds down so it doesn't look full when it's not
  • Duplicants take their hats off before going to sleep
  • Fix crash that could occur when a fabricator/refinery had an order cancelled
  • Fix crash that could occur if an ore chunk tried absorbing a zero mass ore chunk
  • Improve performance of the Priorities screen
  • Fix crash involving Auto Sweepers
  • Improve performance of Auto Sweepers
  • Fixed crash if you have a dupe selected while they are storing an item
  • Buildings turned off by logic are now non-operational rather than non-functional
  • Ensure all workable buildings provide job experience
  • Temp Shift Plates are now selectable
  • Tuneup stations are now logic controllable
  • Loaded dupes will get newly-added roles added to their resume if appropriate
  • Farmer's Touch effect shows the correct bonus
  • Tuneup errands are now the correct chore type and can be properly controlled by Errands/Priorities
  • Farm Station sound effects added
  • Fix crash in Farm Station/Power Control Station
  • Algae habitats will save/load correctly
  • Dead duplicants will no longer master jobs
  • Comfy Bed once again gives Comfy bonus to stamina
  • Fix crash when the game tried to calculate room boundaries
  • Fix crash when loading a save file with a constructable in a tile
  • Fix a crash if you have a duplicant selected and they are placed in a memorial
  • Removed some tooltips from Unemployed
  • Upgraded Font rendering middleware
  • Fix crash when assigning clothing to a Dupe in a barracks
  • Adjust zoom effect for sounds
  • Fix for initial dupe and creature temperatures being 0
  • Duplicants will no longer randomly drop ore back on to the ground
  • Existing geysers deprecated, replaced with new randomly-rolled geysers
  • Ore can no longer fall so fast it goes through tiles
  • Massive rewrite of creature logic to allow developing more complicated lifecycles and wild/tame behaviours
  • AI performance improvements
  • Door sound effects get quieter when there's a lot of them
  • Fixed fetching for the Farm/Power stations being the wrong Errand type
  • Adjusted massage table priority
  • "Infinity" is now localizable
  • Medical Bed is now always high priority
  • Pufts now show as a disease source in the disease overlay
  • Clarified "Awaiting Specialist" strings
  • Fixed issue where objects with state machines wouldn't load correctly into storage
  • Fix appearance of Assignables in the details screen
  • Added UI images for all game objects for display in the codex
  • Added auto-priority checkbox to the Jobs screen
  • Hook up missing tooltips on Equipment panels
  • Jobs button is disabled until you build the Job Board
  • Column titles in the Priorities screen will show which errands are affected by that column
  • New artwork for all geysers
  • Added "About" section to duplicant info panel
  • Rename "Details" tab to "Properties" on the info panel
  • Fix crash when selecting editable text boxes
  • Phasing out original geysers, they will continue to exist in current saves, but new worlds will get the new geysers
  • Improve performance of duplicants finding ore to deliver
  • Expose a number of hard-coded strings for localization
  • Non-integer amounts can be delivered to storages, allowing storages to actually be filled to the top
  • Creatures are now generally referred to as Critters
  • Adjusted ordering of buttons in the top menu
  • Database button is smaller and fuchsia-er than the other buttons
  • Incapacitated Duplicants will auto-assign to a med bed
  • Duplicants should end up in the correct state after being fully healed
  • Force Crash moved to a less accident-prone key
  • Geysers are now abyssalite so that they don't instantly cool/boil the elements they are emitting
  • Improved performance of the build menu
  • Improved performance of the material selection list in the build menu
  • Improved the performance of listing/refreshing save files
  • Prevent mass loss around vacuum
  • General spellchecking
  • Auto Sweeper can no longer transfer through mesh and airflow tiles
  • Fix visual layering for Auto Sweeper
  • Shift the built-in priorities for many errand types to improve job clumping
  • Adjusted creature poop rates and efficiency
  • New geyser set pieces added to worldgen
  • Hatches no longer eat liquids or gasses
  • Updated main menu title card and background animation for Ranching Upgrade Mark I
  • New icon for "Follow Cam"
  • Improved performance of Job Mastery checking
  • Creature Delivery is now prioritizable
  • Refinery fetches are now the correct errand type
  • Many errand types have had their internal sorting "flattened", resulting in better chore grouping
  • Advanced Priority Mode added to enable better chore grouping in large bases
  • Added new columns to the Priority screen for more Duplicant control
  • Fetching irrigation water is now a Farming fetch
  • Fix for many actions not happening when off-screen
  • Suit Locker is prioritizable
  • Fix for the info screen title text not showing when using translation fonts
  • Consumables screen food no longer shrinks on mouseover
  • Priority tool renamed to Sub-Priority
  • Added button to open Priorities screen on the Sub-Priority tool and number strips
  • Added a tutorial diagram to the Sub-Priority tool
  • Ores can no longer sublimate or change state while a duplicant is carrying them
  • Medical Cot will auto unassign if it becomes disabled or unusable
  • Added Job Station sound effects
  • Adjusted Hatch movement rules so they can hop past low ceilings
  • Reformatted Reports screen for readability
  • Reports screen row toggle buttons are now properly clickable
  • Increased Puft and Slickster consumption rates
  • Fix Steam Turbine from destroying mass
  • Steam Turbine shows in the Energy Info screen
  • Steam Turbine status items are more accurate
  • Lowered temperature requirements for the Steam Turbine
  • Fixed ingredient formatting for Refineries and Fabricators
  • Disease "Death" timer now resets if the Duplicant receives treatment
  • Slime Lung death time decreased from 10 to 8
  • Liquids added to a solid cell will try to be added to a nearby non-solid cell. Prevents mass deletion when destroying pipes in tiles
  • Wheezeworts no longer destroy gasses

Changes Since Last Preview Hotfix

  • Updated in-game Early Access artwork
  • Priorities screen once again shows disabled errand groups as disable
  • Power Transformers no longer report "no power" if there are charged batteries providing them power
  • Added icons for many objects in the Database
  • Adjusted Wrangle effects
  • Fixed the word "misc" appearing in many places in the UI
  • Hydrogen generator no longer has a blocked storage when it contains a microchip. This allows it to keep running while it's getting a tuneup
  • Fixed a crash when deconstructing a flower pot with a Wheezewort in it
  • Geysers now show their output temperature and disease output
  • Slickster and Puft will successfully poop when offscreen
  • Fix the Database link "hand" cursor not showing up in some situations
  • Allow opening the Load menu even if the first save file is corrupted
  • Duplicants no longer "share" toilet progress if one is interrupted
  • Toilets no longer flush to create waste and germs, unless the dupe actually successfully empties their bladder
  • Fix the suit locker thinking it has O2 when it does not

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