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[Game Update] - 254439

Release Date: 02/07/18

Update Information:


In the many weeks since we last saw our Duplicants they've been hard at working being... well, hard at work. They've recently learned that if they work together as a colony and split up their workloads, everyone can get just a little bit faster - and better - at what they do.

...They also re-invented hats.

Introducing: Oxygen Not Included - Occupational Upgrade!

What's New?

Duplicant Jobs

With the new job progression system, your Duplicants will now be able to wear many hats - quite literally! Duplicants can be assigned new jobs in the reworked Jobs Panel, specializing them for chosen tasks within the colony and giving them new perks to boot. Be aware though, Duplicants who work harder may expect nicer amenities to keep them happy, which can mean a heaping helping of stress if you don't plan ahead.

Key Features

  • New Jobs Board: Build a Jobs Board from the Stations Tab to unlock the new Job assignments tree!
  • Revamped Jobs Panel: In addition to the existing function of toggling work errands, the Jobs Panel now contains the Jobs tree, allowing you to assign Duplicants to positions like Miner, Architect, or Engineer, and promote them as they rise through the ranks.
  • New Job Perks: All jobs come with attribute boosts related to their field, but some jobs will also come with work-specific perks that compound as Dupes advance. This means that advancing through the ranks can unlock special skills, like the ability to used advanced machinery or dig through Granite and Abyssalite.
  • Duplicant Job Interests: Everyone in the universe has something they enjoy doing! Assign a Duplicant to a job they're interested in, and their enthusiasm for the work will help them learn to master it just a little bit faster.
  • Hats: Yes, hats. That go on your Duplicants' tiny little heads. These accessories will used to denote which job your Duplicant has been assigned to, and gosh are the Dupes ever excited to wear them.
  • New Stations and Rooms:
    • Farm Station: Enclosing a room and adding a Farm Station will now create a Greenhouse. Duplicants assigned to farming jobs will be able to produce special fertilizer in these rooms and distribute it to nearby crops for a growth boost.
    • Power Control Station: Enclosing a room and adding a Power Control Station will now create a Power Plant. Engineering Duplicants will be able to create upgrade materials in these rooms, allowing them to tinker with nearby generators to increase their power output.
    • Recreation Room: Creating a Recreation Room with a fun building and some decoration will give your Duplicants a place they can hang out and de-stress.

Expanded Automation

Building on existing Automation systems within the game, new buildings and overlays have been added to give you more control over daily colony operations and the breadth of automatable tasks within your base. With the all new Conveyor System, you can deliver ore and solid objects around your colony, put items away in storage, and sweep up floor debris, all without your Duplicants lifting a finger.

Key Features

  • Conveyor Rails, Loader and Receptacle: Found in the Shipping tab of the Build Menu, these new buildings can be used to quickly and automatically transport your materials to construction sites and storage areas. No Duplicant effort required!
  • Auto-Sweeper: This handy automatic machine will suck up and redistribute all the ore and debris in range and shoot it back out into the buildings and storage containers that need it. What a time-saver!
  • New Conveyor Overlay: View your web of conveyor systems and see where materials are headed in your base in real time.
  • Smart Battery and Storage Locker: New Smart Batteries and Lockers can be hooked up to Automation grids and will become Active when they fill up to the amount you specify. That's smart!
  • Smart Fridge: Existing Fridges have been reworked, adding Automation inputs and allowing them to become Active when filled above the specified amount. They also probably know if Dupes sneak in for a midnight snack, and silently judge.
  • Disease Logic Sensor: This Automation sensor will allow you to detect concentrations of Germs and turn systems on or off based on levels of contamination. Automatically lock off a biohazardous area when disease is running rampant, or unleash a flood of Chlorine to flush out a contaminated space.

And More

  • Steam Turbine: Get steamed up for this generator, because it can produce loads of energy with practically no waste!
  • Food and Plant Rebalances: Plants have been tweaked for a more rewarding overall farming experience.
    • Certain plants have received an increase to their calorie output, and have had the ranges of their ideal growth conditions broadened for ease of growth
    • Meal Lice now require fertilization with Dirt
    • Higher tier food production should now be more viable
  • Performance Enhancements!
  • Official Korean Translation in Beta
  • Tons of bug fixes, rebalances, QOL additions, and more!

What about Priorities?

During the Occupational Upgrade's public preview, we experimented with a new priority system. After seeing the changes in all the different scenarios we saw in testing, we weren't happy with the results so we rolled back to the existing priority system. An easier and less fiddly solution to having Duplicants operate your base in the way you want is still an important goal for us, however we believe we can do better so we will tackle this problem in future updates.

Finally, we'd like to say thank-you to everyone who played the Occupational Upgrade Preview, submitted crash and bug reports, and gave your feedback in our Suggestions Forum. It's a major help to hear your thoughts and opinions, so once again - thanks!

We hope you'll all enjoy the new Occupational Upgrade. Now back to work!



Frequently Asked Questions


What are the system requirements?
Specs are likely to change, but currently these are the requirements we have. It is highly recommended that you do not purchase if you aren't over this spec as we may have to raise the spec in the future. 

  • OS: Windows 7 64 bit or Windows 8 64 bit or Windows 10 64 bit
  • Processor: I5 2.0 GHz Dual core(or AMD equivalent)
  • Memory: 4 GB RAM
  • Graphics: Intel HD 4600 (AMD or NVIDIA equivalent)
  • DirectX: Version 11
  • Storage: 1.5 GB available space

How often can we expect new updates while you're in EA?
All new content is being released as part of our regular game Upgrades every six weeks. Check the update timer in the main menu to see how long to go until the next update!

Is there OSX support for this game?

What about other platforms(consoles/mobile)?
There are no plans to support any other platforms at this time.

I found a bug/have a suggestion. What should I do?
Come let us know about it on the forums!

Will there be multiplayer?
There are currently no plans to add multiplayer.


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Change List:


  • New Mechanic: Roles
  • Available Roles(with matching hats): Apprentice Miner, Apprentice Architect, Architect, Gofer, Courier, Exosuit Engineer, General Engineer, Electrial Engineer, Mechatronics Engineer, Farmhand, Farmer, Seasoned Farmer, Research Assistant, Scientist, Tenured Scientist, Groundskeeper, Sous Chef, Chef, Art Student, Artist
  • New Buildings: Power Control Station, Farm Station, Smart Battery, Steam Turbine, Auto Sweeper, Conveyer Rails, Conveyor Loader, Conveyor Receptacle, Smart Storage Compactor, Germ Sensor, Jobs Board

Fixes and Updates

  • World simulation speed increased by 20%, meaning liquids and gases can flow up to 20% faster.
  • Fixed several issues with simulation being framerate dependant.
  • Several buildings now have larger capacities to reduce the frequency at which they need to be refilled.
  • Attribute leveling retuning.
  • Job permission screen can now be found at the bottom of the new roles screen.
  • High wattage wires can only be built by power technicians.
  • Batteries now lose their charge over time.
  • Korean translation now available.
  • Density displacement due to two vertically adjacent cells having the same element now should preserve energy.
  • Health debuffs should only start occurring if your Dupe has less than 85% health.
  • Clean up reservations when a tinkerable is destroyed. Fixes the bug where Duplicants would tinker "too much" and end up with a big pile of tools at the foot of the tinker station.
  • Rottables properly end the eat chore when they rot, fixing Duplicants having "permanent" food quality and calorie modifiers if food rots while eating.
  • Research centers should no longer complain about no research being selected if there is nothing left to research.
  • Fixed an issue where the suit helmet sometimes had the wrong rotation.
  • Pumps which are absorbing different types of elements will now push them out to the pipe round robin fashion.
  • If powered, the Refrigerator will now send a logic signal to allow you to automate things when the fridge is full.
  • Duplicants can now dig out buildings that don’t affect locomotion without waiting for materials to be delivered.
  • Liquids will now only sublimate to a max pressure.
  • Fixed a crash that could occur if the game could not create a folder inside the save folder.
  • Liquid density displacement only does a temperature exchange or it can result in liquid mass sloshing around a lot and causing very noticeably weird surface oscillations.
  • Hovering the health bar of a Dupe should now display they health.
  • Liquid surface should no longer be as aliased.
  • Increased Atmo Switch pressure switch range.
  • Wire bridges now show up in the power overlay.
  • Tiles can no longer be built on top of Tempshift Plates.
  • Vitals panel should now lists expectations.
  • Fixed a crash that could occur when placing wires/pipes.
  • Light sources should properly update which tiles are lit at the edge of their radius when tiles are dug out.
  • Fixed a crash that could occur when placing buildings at the edge of the map.
  • Fixed chores not displaying tooltips.
  • Fixed a crash that could occur if a door was destroyed the frame after it received a logic signal.
  • Fixed an issue where liquids and gases could incorrectly state transition when being put into a pipe.
  • Removed "\t" from strings because certain fonts didn't support it.
  • Fix crash when an item is being repaired and gets destroyed.
  • Food rotting notification has been downgraded.
  • Fix details and stats panels showing information from the previously selected entity.
  • Rooms with only half a horizontal door being accessible should now be properly considered as rooms.
  • Printing Pod is no longer overheatable.
  • Storage lockers should now properly request more items to be delivered if their contents have been sublimated.
  • Disease overlay meters should now properly track the duplicant's pivot.
  • Fixed an issue where the mass of doors used for temperature simulation was twice what it should be when closed.
  • Fixed plant irrigation exploit. Insufficiently irrigated plants will wilt for a length of time proportional to their unmet irrigation requirements.
  • Replacing a building should now recover the original building’s mass.
  • Status items are now hidden when using screenshot mode(ALT+S).
  • Ore will no longer merge in mid air. It will only merge when it hits the ground.
  • Moved the hydrogen generator port so it’s no longer floating in the air.
  • All notes in the report screen are now sorted.
  • Increased Polymer Press consumption rate so that it doesn’t keep turning on/off.
  • Increased the input consumption on the CO2 scrubber so it runs more continuously.
  • Marking a building for deconstruction will cause any Dupes working at that building to stop and prevent other Duplicants from going to work at it.
  • Only the contents of bottles should be tinted instead of the whole bottle being tinted.
  • Duplicants should one again get Sore Back when sleeping on the floor.
  • Fixed an issue with disease transfer between cells sampling from the wrong cell.
  • Fixed a crash that could occur when hovering a Pitcher Pump outside the edge of the map.
  • Fixed a bug where if you clicked on a fabricator and selected a recipe, then clicked on another fabricator which did not have a selected recipe, it would show the ingredient list of the first fabricator.
  • Fixed a time dilation issue where a cycle could take longer than intended after playing for a few hundred cycles.
  • Pressing escape should no longer close the starting Dupe selection screen.
  • Research screen horizontal scroll bar now appears if necessary.
  • Reduced the amount of DX11 features used by the game which should make it possible to run on more DX10 cards.
  • Fixed a crash that could occur if ore was destroyed by the game and melted by the simulation on the same sim tick.
  • When you select a Duplicant and hover over objects in the world, it should now tell you what errands are available.
  • Gases transitioning to liquids will now use the falling liquid sim when possible.
  • Fixed an issue where resolution settings weren’t being properly restored (OSX).
  • Fix for crash on startup when using certain locales (Linux).
  • Optimized fetching.
  • Optimized conduit temperature simulation.
  • Optimized conduit flow.
  • Optimized animation system.
  • Optimized selection collision updating.
  • Reduced memory usage.
  • Optimized plant irrigation.
  • Optimized path finding.
  • Optimized cell change detection.
  • Optimized overlay rendering.
  • Optimized gas/liquid rendering.
  • Optimized report storage.
  • Reduced overhead of different simulations.

Food Tuning

  • Cooked foods no longer have fewer calories than raw ingredients. Generally, cooking adds 250-500kcal.
  • Muckroots changed from 1000kcal to 800kcal. Quality from -3 to -1.
  • Meal Lice changed from 100kcal to 600kcal, but Mealwood plant yield changed from 8 to 1. Quality changes from -3 to -1.
  • Bristle Berries are 1600 kcal, plant yield changed from 2 to 1, growth time increased from 4 to 6 cycles. Quality changed from -1 to 0. Made much easier to satisfy temperature and water requirements though.
  • Mushrooms changed from 1600kcal to 2400kcal, plant yield changed from 2 to 1, growth time reduced from 10 to 7.5 cycles.
  • Sleet Wheat Grain yield changed from 25 to 18. Growth time reduced from 20 to 18 cycles.
  • Pincha Peppernut growth time reduced from 22 to 8 cycles.
  • Fruitcake quality changed from -1 to +3. Calories from 1600kcal to 4000kcal.
  • Stuffed Berry kcal changed from 1000kcal to 4000kcal. Quality from +2 to +4.
  • Spice Bread kcal changed from 1000kcal to 4000kcal. Quality from +1 to +5.
  • Barbeque changed from 1600 to 4000kcal. Quality from +1 to +5.
  • Gristle Berry changed from 1000kcal to 2000kcal. Quality from 0 to +1.
  • Frost Bun changed from 1000kcal to 1200kcal. Quality from -1 to +2.
  • Fried Mushroom changed from 1000kcal to 2800kcal.
  • Cooked food ingredient amounts changed to achieve target calorie amounts
  • Default quality expectation changed from -3 to -1
  • Disabled attribute score-based food expectations

Plant requirement tuning

  • Reduced Bristle Blossom water requirement from 80kg to 20kg per cycle.
  • Increased Bristle Blossom overheat temperature from 23°C to 30°C
  • Added 10kg/cycle dirt requirement to Mealwood plants.
  • Bonus seed drop rate from harvesting plants reduced from 33% default to 10%. Value is increasable by Farmer job level.

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