[Game Update] - 1143

Release Date: 12/12/19

Update Information:

Update 1.1.43 (Xbox One)

A nice day of fishing sounded like just the thing to soothe the nerves of our weary Survivors, but it looks like fish aren’t the only things that are biting. Luckily there’s something to distract them from their soggy seafaring sorrows - the return of Winter’s Feast! And this year it seems that the Constant has provided its own assortment of holiday gifts… could it be that a certain someone is feeling particularly jolly this year?

  • Added Bolts of Cloth as an in-game currency. Characters and skins can now be purchased using Bolts, and Bolts can be purchased through the in-game store.
  • Start of Winter's Feast.
  • End of Hallowed Nights.
  • Added Hook, Line, and Inker content. New features:
    • Teeming ocean life and new recipes to cook.
    • Craftable Sea Fishing Rod, Tackle Receptacle and more.
    • Craftable Fish Scale-O-Matic for bragging rights.
  • The Pig King has reopened his wrestling match for contenders in the off-season. Turn in Golden Belts to compete in wrestling matches and earn Clout Snout coins.
  • Improved the user experience when placing a stack of items in an already occupied slot of a container that does not hold a stack of items (eg. replacing the items in the Crock Pot and Sea Fishing Rod).
  • Foot nubs are now displayed out the ends of pants, for legs without feet (Wurt).
  • The Fish caught from Ponds and Eels caught in the Caves have been replaced with Freshwater Fish which can be weighed or murdered to produce meat.
  • While a fish is being held by Wurt, it will remain alive longer.
  • Wurt will lose sanity while holding Fish Meat, Fish Morsel, or Spoiled Fish.
  • Hammering the Anchor on a boat will now result in a leak.
  • The Malbatross’s fish shoals have been changed to Deep Bass.
  • The Malbatross does not tolerate players fishing at any of its shoals.
  • Sailing music uses music volume setting properly.
  • Fixed ambient sound effects when players are enlightened.
  • Fixed a problem with Anchors reeling forever.
  • Fixed some bugs where characters wearing the Clever Disguise were not considered a merm.
  • Fixed dropped items from destroyed Craftsmerm House and Merm Flort-ifications.

Check out the Return of Them - Hook, Line, and Inker post for more information!

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