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[Game Update] - 120

Release Date: 10/20/22

Update Information:


Hey everybody, 

Today we have released a new update for Don't Starve Together on Nintendo Switch, and it's time for an update on our progress. 

This update brings Switch content up to the most recent version of the game before today's update for the other platforms.

Due to the nature of the approval process on Switch, we unfortunately can't promise to get these updates out at the same time as other platforms in the future, but we're closing the gap. We anticipate to update Switch for you again toward the end of November.

Summer Cawnival Updates

  • Added 3 new carnival games: Nest Defender, Cuckoo Spinwheel, and Birdhouse Ball Drop.
  • More prizes are now available at the Prize Booth, including: Light Catchers, the Mini Tower Drop egg ride, and 3 new Midsummer Night Light designs. 
  • The Gold Mystery Box is now available at the Prize Booth with 12 unique statuettes to collect. 
  • Crow Kids now enjoy festive treats and sit by the campfire.

For more information about this update, please see the update notes here

The Curse of Moon Quay

Someone has been meddling... or should we say, monkeying around with the forces of the Constant, leaving an unstable rift between worlds in their wake. With new sea-faring foes, creatures and resources now free to pour into the Survivors' world, the ocean is more dangerous than ever before... but is this just the start of what's to come?

For more information about this update, please see the update notes here

Wickerbottom Refresh - One For the Books

Like any good librarian, Ms. Wickerbottom believes in the preservation and distribution of knowledge. Well… most knowledge, that is. There are some things that must be kept hidden away from the eyes of the public. Who knows what could happen if certain secrets fell into the wrong hands?

  • Wickerbottom can no longer be forced to fall asleep.
  • Wickerbottom can now craft the following new books:
    • The Angler's Survival Guide
    • Pyrokinetics Explained
    • Overcoming Arachnophobia
    • Tempering Temperatures
    • Lux Aeterna
    • Practical Rain Rituals
    • Lunar Grimoire
    • Apicultural Notes
    • Horticulture, Expanded
    • The Everything Encyclopedia
    • Lux Aeterna Redux
  • Wickerbottom can also build a cabinet to help conserve her books.
  • Tuned Wickerbottom’s stats when it comes to eating stale and spoiled food and her health.
  • Shadow Creatures now Spawn when Wickerbottom attempts to read her books while insane
  • Added the Hostile Flare.
  • Added the Fencing Sword for riposting fences.

For more information about this update, please see the update notes here

Get Yourself Spooky!

In addition while we have to wait a bit before the newest update hits switch, we can get a little spooky with some Hallowed Nights Drops!

Free spooky costumes are also available to everybody for a limited time, so enjoy them before the event ends and they go back from whence they came! 


That's not all. During Hallowed Nights, logging in for the first time will earn you a "Trick or Treat Chest" containing one of 18 costume sets. Items from the Hallowed Nights Collection and Costume Collection will have increased drop rates for the duration of the event! 

And don't forget!

The Annual Klei Halloween Costume and Fan Art Submission Event is coming October 27th and will run through November 1st. If you haven't seen this event before, check out our submissions for 2021 and 2020!

Participants will receive a full character costume skin set, so you won't want to miss out!

You can join in the Discussion Topic here.
If you run into a bug, please visit the Klei Bug Tracker.

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