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[Game Update] - 509894

Release Date: 06/02/22

Update Information:


Hey Everybody!

It’s time for our big annual publisher sale on Steam

During Klei Fest, we’ll have a big burst of content, items, events, sales and interesting stuff happening for all things Klei! And this year’s fest is bigger than ever.


Don't Starve Together: The enigmatic Corvus Goodfeather returns with a bunch of new prizes and three new games during the Midsummer Cawnival throughout the month of June!

New to this year’s Cawnival Event 

  • Added 3 new carnival games: Nest Defender, Cuckoo Spinwheel, and Birdhouse Ball Drop.
  • More prizes are now available at the Prize Booth, including: Light Catchers, the Mini Tower Drop egg ride, and 3 new Midsummer Night Light designs. 
  • The Gold Mystery Box is now available at the Prize Booth with 12 unique statuettes to collect. 
  • Crow Kids now enjoy festive treats and sit by the campfire.

For more details see the spoiler below:


Bug fixes

  • Fixed a rare bug where the server could end up being unable to save the game.
  • Fixed a rare crash with Steam Workshop mods failing to unzip.
  • Fixed a rare crash after a follower stops following or is killed.
  • Fixed a rare crash with Pengulls eating food.
  • Fixed a rare crash with expired Traps existing in the inventory when it should not.
  • Fixed a crash with Produce Scale and the Fish Scale-O-Matic trying to weigh wrong items from the player.
  • Fixed an issue where creatures would not use the correct run speed while swimming in the water.
  • The Special Events crafting menu filter will now show while free crafting is enabled.
  • Wortox will now get souls from exploding Slurtles, Snurtles, and other explosive creatures.
  • The rocks from removed Sea Weeds will now show up on the minimap.
  • Moose/Goose obituaries will no longer flash rapidly when scrolling through the menu.
  • Pond fish now cast shadows like ocean fish.
  • Fixed using Abigail’s Flower on followers other than Abigail causing Abigail to unsummon.
  • Fixed an issue with profile flair and profile background selections being unable to be removed.

Notes for Modders

  • RemapSoundEvent will once again accept zero length strings to remap to, fixing community audio silencing mods.
  • The behavior of passing in no argument or the first argument will still clear the remapping.
  • NPC chatter now supports up to 63 strings per table.


New Skins!
The Midsummer Cawnival Chest is available for ($6.99usd)


New Twitch Drop Campaign: The new twitch Drop Campaign for the Rusty Anchor starting June 2nd at 10am Pacific time. Streamers that will have drops available can be found in the spoiler below. 




Hot Lava: Say hello to two new characters: T. Rex and Venomess - two rocking reptilian members of Mutant Mayhem! A brand new Klei Created map, Rocco’s Arcade is a hotbed of hopping set in a retro-arcade pizza place. Of course with a new map and characters we have two new courses, and plenty of new collectables and accessories!

For more details on the Hot Lava update check out the patch notes!


Oxygen Not Included: Our new content pack called "Fast Friends" includes some big performance boosts in both the base game and Spaced Out! DLC. We also have four new Duplicants, four new critter morphs and a dozen brand new Duplicant outfits craftable at the Clothing Refashionator building.

For more details on the Oxygen Not Included update check out the patch notes!



Introducing Klei Publishing!
We have teamed up will a couple of great game studios to publish two new games coming in 2023! 

Check them out and don't forget to wishlist them on Steam and show them some love! 

Lab Rat 

Chump Squad, the developer of Kine brings us Lab Rat. In this satirical adventure a metrics-obsessed AI will monitor, profile, and entertain you as you progress through over a hundred genre-bending puzzles.. 

Lab Rat even has a demo available now! More details on this game will come in future announcements. 



Mind Over Magic

Our friends at Sparkypants bring us Mind Over Magic. Design, build and manage your magic school to explore what lies below. Study lost arcana, grow exotic plants, brew potions, and raise undead servants -- only you can prepare your fragile students to harness their Mind Over Magic.

More details on this game will come in future announcements.


And announcing a new game from Klei coming soon!

image (44).png

You will be able to check out the official teaser trailer for Rotwood during the PC Gaming Show on June 12th!

Woah, that's a lot of stuff. 
I know a bunch of you out there are really excited for some more DST content. We're going to be starting beta for the next big content update for DST very soon. For now, here is a little teaser. Oh, and for all you Klei Rewards members out there, here's a little Klei Fest Gift



Thanks for checking out all of our games and for all your continued support. Have fun out there!

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If you run into a bug, please visit the Klei Bug Tracker.

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