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[Game Update] - 187380

Release Date: 08/10/16

Update Information:

Hey everyone,

Here's the first update for A New Reign public beta testing!
[How to participate in A New Reign public beta testing]
Please note that save data for the beta branch is kept separate from the live branch at:




  • Minimap data is now stored on the server.
  • Added new Minimap icons for tree stumps and burnt trees.
  • Players can now locate each other on the Minimap if they both have a Compass equipped.
  • Added several new magical items that can be crafted to globally mark a spot or reveal an area on the Minimap for everyone.
  • Improved animations and effects for diseasing.
  • Disease will now only target individual transplanted Saplings, Grass, and Berry Bushes, and spread slowly to nearby plants unless removed or destroyed.
  • Disease is now rare and unpredictable, but there are warning signs that players can look out for before a plant becomes diseased.
  • Terrain will no longer provide any disease immunities.
  • Disease and Petrification are now separately tunable in World customization options.


Bug Fixes

  • Player Minimaps will now load properly when rejoining a server from a different machine.
  • Caves Minimap is now properly cleared when a player dies in Wilderness mode.

You can join in the Discussion Topic here.
If you run into a bug, please visit the Klei Bug Tracker.

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