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Drop Forge chests and/or exclusive items that can be used to show skill or unraveled into spools for a consistent amount each game, in exchange for defeating late rounds starting from the Boarrior - incentive to play through all the rounds and be rewarded for victory compared to afk-farming

Make all rounds past the Boarrior victory laps; give players the choice to gather in the spawn portal in order to leave after defeating Boarrior (can only be activated if all players step into the portal, and deactivates after a period of time to start victory laps i.e Rhino and Swineclops) - allow much shorter games to happen if the players choose so (especially if incentives to beat the victory laps were implemented), allow players who want to just play something they're more familiar with or are simply novices against new bosses, to still be able to win consistently at the cost of some chests and items and not feel burnt out by unfamiliar, hard new challenges and have a choice to settle for less or try the new bosses again - depending on what the entire team feels. Especially necessary if the Forge continues to add new rounds next year(Pugna as the final boss incoming??), since matches go on for too long and really get repetitive, especially if you're on a losing streak.

Create a new achievement system that borrows aspect from both last and this year's system; perhaps a tree of achievements of some sort that you can only continue along by finishing one achievement - give new players a foundation to get started on and learn new things through the tree by it teaching and introducing various roles and what they do, and also give the difficulty ranking a purpose by awarding the easier characters with lower exp and harder characters with much higher exp without making everyone simply pick the latter by the tree necessitating players go through easier characters and learn the basics first. Also makes the 'character meta' much more flexible to the incentive of playing and mastering harder, weaker characters and winning with them and add much more replayability going through each character over the course of the Forge and scoring the achievements of each one. Extend the tree as the event goes on.

Give an option to send invitation in a game to play/leave as a group - does not solve, but mitigates the problem of idlers or trolls by simply abandoning a server with one idling person or troll, maybe even mid-game, allowing new servers to be made and joined quickly with the other players that were fine.

Include a XX+ level option and filter when creating or looking for matches (adjustable by counts of 5) and tweak the quick-search to accordingly follow and favor this system i.e a lv 40 player using the quick-search will prioritize on finding 40+ servers - make matchmaking much simpler and not require every server being named 30+ ENGLISH and having a password to prevent quick-search accidents.

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