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Ways to play without losing world progress?

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Hello! Please, correct me if I'm wrong:

As far as I know: everytime you play in a dedicated server it doesn't reset until everyone leaves the server or when everyone dies, on the other hand: hosted servers only work while the host is in-game and once he leaves, everyone is kicked from it and all progress is saved until his next connection.

I want to know if there is another way to play in a world without losing progress once everyone leaves the server, aside from hosting or playing in a hosted world, since it is very sad to make a lot and lose all that progress only because you need to sleep.

I'm also thinking in joining some server with serious players that schedules a time to play at and make friends with, like, the kind of players that build a tidy and complete base, prepares for climatic changes and wishes to play all game's features. Contact me if you are going to start one like that, I would love to join. :)

Thanks. :wilson_love:

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Dedicated servers don't reset when they are emply, they just pause (or not even pause and keep going if you change the settings to that, but imo there's no reason for it). The server regenerates only if every currently joined player is dead, and even then only if it is survival. 

So if you play on a dedicated server with an organised group, it won't restart if you make sure that at least one of the online players stays alive. Or you can set the server to endless, which never regenerates the world, only if players voted for that (if enabled) or an admin regenerates it manually.

I hope you'll find a nice team soon too! ;) 

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