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Music Mod Questions

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Rather than having troubles with the modding of music which is fairly easy I got some questions that after checking all the sticky posts and looked them up in the search do not appear, for example, is it possible to make a music mod trigger a music change during full moon?
Also I know this is for sure doable, but is it possible to change sound effects?
and finally is there a program or something that can help view the whole game assets instead of looking through each folder?
any answer is well appreciated.

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There is a "moonphasechange" event triggered by the season-component (not 100% sure about the name). I'm pretty sure it has information about the new and possibly previous moonphase.

Not sure about sound effects.

For viewing all the game files, assuming you're using Windows, you can simply go to the data folder, search for *, and then sort the files by type or path. Other than that, I know of no tricks.

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