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New Critter Suggestion: Power Consumer

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One of the wonderful features of critters in the game are their ability to convert resources into unusual products, whilst simultaneously causing problems if you ignore wild critters roaming freely through your base.

With that in mind, I'd suggest a possible new critter that poses low risk to a new base but can cause headaches for a large advanced base.

I'd suggest the wild state critters should exist within cold biomes. Currently there's no critters found within these biomes, so it's a great opportunity to increase their variety and also give players a reason to carefully consider whether to open the biome beforehand.

The wild critters consume electricity. Any exposed power lines serve as a source of food. If they are allowed to feed on the power line, it's deconstructed after they've drained a certain amount of power.

In exchange, the critter returns a potentially valuable resource. Possible options might be releasing a few kgs of ice or liquid oxygen. Careful ranching could create a renewable resource in exchange for power.

This would probably mean a powered option would need to be included for the critter feeder.

I'd recommend avoiding rodent shapes or the colour yellow in the design, however.

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